16th February 2013: I've moved to DeviantART: http://pika.deviantart.com (actually did this long time ago, since last update here was over 5 years ago, heh. Time flies.) Uhm.. So those who still visits here in my gallery, enjoy your time ^-^ Here's some manga which I like: BLEACH,Trinity Blood, Yami no Matsuei, King of Bandits Jing, One Piece, Hellsing, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Angelic Layer, King of Hell, Under the Glass Moon, Saiyuki, .Hack//Legend of the twiligh bracelet... Games I like: Kingdom Hearts, FF 7-9 & 11, Breath of Fire 3, Battle Arena Toshiden 3, Tekken 3, Super Mario Bros 2 & 3, Megaman 1, Snake Rattle&Roll, Dance Dance Revolution, Ergheist, Sonic... Movies I like: The Last Samurai Pirates of Caribbean, The Matrix, Minority Report, Blade Runner, The Others, Star Wars episodes 4-6, Moulin Rouge, Turtles 1 & 3, Samurai Fiction... Music I listen: Almost everything - metal, pop, j-pop, j-rock, rap, techno, classical, opera.. But everything which is improvised while playing.. I hate it, especially improvised jazz. What else? Oh yeah, I do art trades but requests/comissions are totally out of the question, just because I found it to be frustrating. If you want to use my pictures in your Elfwood tour, be my guest, you don't need to ask permission (what ever that tour might be XD) And those who wants to use my pic as an image of their own characters, the answer is yes and this includes ONLY (and only, read only!) the random characters. My own characters like Gro'Wing, Jack, Khayryn, Magnus etc. You CAN NOT use. Same includes the characters which I DO NOT OWN and which are art trades like Makkuro, Corban or Mimir. /END of writing. Have a nice day. I like Currently I'm very addicted to FFXI >.>; Should try to lessen that a bit ehhee. Favourite movies Star Wars episodes 4-6, Eragon, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potters, Stargate, Narnia, those old 80's movies which name I've long forgotten ;; Favourite books I dun read books :E Favourite music Can't name, depends on the song :)