My world is a weird, twisted one, filled with strange, beautiful creatures that fulfill my dreams. In my pics, I try to show this dreams of mine... vampires, inspired by the superb writter Anne Rice, or by my own Vampire: the Masquerade chronicles. Fairies that comes directly from Changeling: the Dreaming,or just plain toughts in my head. The music inspires my work too... Rhapsody will always be my main inspiration, as well as X-Japan, Sarah Brightman and some other things you can find at the Goth's places. Am I a Goth? Perhaps... even if labels are not correct most of the time. Too jolly to be one, maybe. I have a Deviantart gallery, where you can find my non-fantasy works... but to be sincere, I'm not really fond of those pics, however, you can check them if you prefer a lighter anime style, mostly Gaia Online based. So, welcome to my little corner in the woods... a quiet, foggy place, with some lovely creatures lurking among the trees. You can pet them of course... but be specially careful with the Rakoon and the Giant Rat. Take a cup of red wine, and enjoy your stay!