Gracia Soria

Well, this is my Saint Seiya Gallery. Yeah, I know this is Fan Quarter, but I have only pics of Saint Seiya... and a little extra. *grin* This is my more relaxed gallery, where you will find my schizophrenia almost in every drawing ^_^ I love Saint Seiya, and I'd love to have more pics of this anime, but I'm not exactly good drawing stablished characters. Well, I think this place must look in the woods like a row of ancient ruins, surrounded by trees, and filled with my beloved saints. Yep, you can pet them. Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to leave a comment!

From the Darkness and the Light (Part 1)

Angels work hard to keep God in our minds and hearts.Demons want humans to reject God forever.But... who's right?


The war has come... why?


A far away planet, a radioactive comet, and lots of perhaps...


Be very careful when you receive a new guest, specially when you don´t know who lives in your own house...

Chronos: Finale

This is not the end.


Before Chronos happened, a little kid had already received a warning about it...

Blood of an Angel

The blood of an angel is the best poison... soft and painless.

Chronos: 1&2

Power is not always a good thing. Sometimes, it can even take away what you love the most.

Chronos: 3&4

Three is the number.

The Invasion

Sometimes you are not as evil as you think.

Fairy Tale

The young prince will rescue his charming princess.

A fishermen´s tale

The sea keeps a lot of secrets... some will come and go with the tides...

The Lamb

I bet it, you don't wanna know.

You are mine

Sometimes your destiny just needs to await.


Never make fun of them.


A book, and the Real World...

Time Passed

Will you accept the task?