Welcome. Have a look around and please do leave some comments. Now, About me... well, like most folks here (or so it seems) I have been doing art since I was a small child. Growing up I attended mostly private schools and never had art classes. So I am self taught. I am now aproaching my 3rd anniversary and my dear sweet son is going full bore into his terrible twos! But I digress, I am a Christian, a Bohemian Jewish Vampire, a Creative Semi-Genius and a Psuedo-intellectual, and a general all around wierd, freaky-geeky artist type dude. Besides loving to create art I love to look at it. So whenever I have the time I love to skip through the woods and see the sites. Some of my favorite artists are: Firts and Foremost God, He did create the entire universe after all! And that includes women... You have to aknowledge that women are some of the most beautiful things ever. Next, top of the mortal heap: Frank Frazetta ...the man the myth the living legend! Mike Kaluta, Arthur Rackham, Alphonse Mucha, Kay Nielsen, Moebius, Hakusai, Liberatore, Art Adams, Todd Schorr, Elvgren, Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola, Frank Sirocco, M. C. Escher, Yoshitoshi ...and for a bit of comic relief, Jack(The King)Kirby. That's not all but they are certainly some of the cream of the crop in my book. If I misspelled any names I beg pardon. Here are a couple of my fav's here in the woods: ' Clay' the PotenTate' ' Christian 'The Bubbliousous Babe rendering' Pouliot' And if you like Delicious dark dames check out ' Tara Ryzebol ' A top notch illustratrix with a sense of whimsy as wll as humor and mad skillz: ' Ursula 'The Anthro Queen' Vernon ' I hope to add more to this list soon. Also I have created two tours here on EW. The First is ' Beyound the Nile ' Egyptian inspired artwork on EW, and the second is ' For the love of CHEESE 'a few tastey morsels of of art from the site related to everyone's favorite dairy product. Please look them up and let me and the artists envolved know what ya thought. Thanx! I AM interested in doing exchanges or collaborations with other artists and/or comissioned work. Please feel free to contact me about any of these. Please include the words 'ART' or 'Elfwood' in the subject line of any communications so I will see it. I get a lot of junkmail. And I would hate to lose you in the ritual task of spam dumping. I would also love to do my art professionally, So ANYTHING you can tell me to help me in that direction would be great. Please check out my other gallerie(s) the links are in the box to the right. I guess that is it for now. Thanx for Dropping by! ...and I wish You, all the best... C