C. 'razor sharp FAN blade' Clayton

I am like a mix of Peter freakin' Pan, an ancient Chinese Trickster Hero, Two kinds of rabbit (one an Irish hare, the other Asian), Elf, Centaur, Warrior, Poet, Cynic, Art lover, Artist, Hell... like most Artists I am just plain WIERD. Uh, check out my Main Elfwood page if for some reason you wanted anything more serious. Music: Heavy Metal, Classical, 'bedroom' Jazz, Punk, Funk, Soul, Contemporary Christian, 80's... to name most. Food: Thai, Sushi/Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and sometimes my own... I love to cook with wine (though I don't drink it). I was going to list my favorite Elfwood artists on my page but, there is NO way Thomas would give me a page big enough to do it. I wish you all well and may you enjoy your Art. Colab's, and (serious) Commisions/jobs considered, drop me a line... SPOON!!!