C. Clayton

Hello, ...and Welcome. This is what remains of my bio'/gallery(/ies) here on Elfwood: I am like a mix of Peter freakin' Pan, an ancient Chinese Trickster Hero, Two kinds of rabbit (one an Irish hare, the other Asian), Elf, Centaur, Warrior, Poet, Cynic, Art lover, Artist, Hell... like most Artists I am a tad "WEIRD". Music: Heavy Metal, Classical, Smooth 'bedroom' Jazz, Punk, Funk, Soul, Contemporary Christian, Non-pop 80's... to name most. Food: Thai, Sushi/Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and oft times my own... I love to cook with wine (though I don't drink it). I am likely one of the most creative and idea filled people You will ever run across. I enjoy collaborations and am also open to commissions. I was going to list my favorite Elfwood artists on my page but, there is NO way Thomas would give me a page big enough to do it. I wish you all well and may you enjoy your Art. Colab's, and (serious) Commissions/jobs considered, drop me a line... SPOON!!! Long time no Elfwood. Since I was here last My two other "Galleries" were condensed into this one. Why my 3rd Page of fan art, and Not my Original/Main Gallery? Heck if I know. One of the Pieces of Note here is My picture of the Balrog "Shadow and Flame". It was originally awarded a Mod's Choice and was likely My most popular piece. But it was classified as Fan Art and I lost my Moderator choice on the piece. I hope to post some work here again one day. Many things in my life have changed since I first signed up. Please check the copyright dates on my pieces. Some of the "Classic Clayton" stuff may look amateurish for a reason. They were likely created before You were born, or perhaps when you were a babe or wee child (Some in the mid to late 1970s). So please take that into consideration. I will likely update when and/if I am once again more active here in the woods. Good Things to You, C