Anabel (Yshtar)

I have peoples and images in my head. I want to be able to see them again. That's why I draw. I took my pencils back not so long ago, after a huuuge break. The urge to draw re-appeared partly thanks to Elfwood, so I'm grateful for that, to EW and EW artists :) I'm self-taught, always in the process of learning, with a huge interrest in illustration and character design. Pencil is my friend, as you see. My adventures in other techniques generally end up in the bin for the moment (mmh, with *few* exceptions now...) Note: I'm afraid I can't accept any more free requests. There is just no time for it if I want to manage doing my own stuff too, and accessorily earn my life, sorry. For anything else, please feel free to contact me (*points at email link*) Please,those images belong to me (see the copyright notice on the bottom?) don't take, use or modify any of those pictures without asking me first (I don't bite, and am generally prompt to give permissions) LAST UPDATES February 2004: Cursed; Leeh'Zel, and a recent Bio photo :D April 2004: Out of Time Now, enjoy my doodles, and don't be afraid to leave constructive criticsm (I need'em!), comments, etc...I don't always have the time to answer them all, but you can be sure I read and enjoy them .