Heather Nicholson

Hello. Welcome readers! For those of you who have wandered in here, this is my own little corner of Elfwood. I appreciate any and all coments, and hope to be able to write something all of you out there will enjoy. I can only do this, however, if you leave comments. Please be specific when telling me what you dislike. Remember, all stories on this page are © me.Don't steal them. Hope y'all are ready! I've got something new that'll be comeing out soon on my livejournal account, so you ought to check it out!  Oh, and I'm chaning my homepage, so take a looksie at that when it's posted, too.  ~~~Heather~~~  "Tria and KIeran"A modern fantasy story about a boy and a girl. Tria's been having a really rough time of it, and her life is surrounded in darkness (quite literally). Will Keiran be able to light up her life, and will it be literal,ly or metaphorically? You'll have to read to find out!            Unfinished


Swords of Unity and Daggers of discontent

A young girl is takeing her brother to another town where he will recieve weapons training. Their guide is almost non-existent in the prolog. This story is also © Heather N. Nicholson.

Mingling Magic

I really like this one, it was an idea I got when a cousin of mine said something. Anyways, it's about a team of teens who are out to save their world, and one Sonfallion who doesn't want to. I don't really like the end of this one, but it's a work of proces.

Them Bones

Have you ever wondered what REALLY happened to those knights that went into the dark forest to rid it of evil? I did...then I met Squiggy...and ran away fast *shudders*

Tests are a pain

Just a little something I wrote after my biology test (I was very frustrated with it).

Of fins and Flight (part 2)

Okay, so here's my second part! Very exciting, i kno. I am happier with it than I was originally (one of the reasons why it took so long to post...@_@) anyways, enjoy!

Of fins and flight (part 1)

This is the beginning of a story of a unique Mer girl. She is Half Mer, half Elf. Our story starts in the world of the Mer, where she is a miltia personal (in charge of the Royal Guard for the two princesses). She gets a new family member, and is sent to the surface to deal with Land Walkers (humans), much to her dismay. Remember, all my stories are © Heather N. Nicholson!

Forest Sof

This story is about a girl who comes from a race who are the sister race to elves. They are matrialinial and very strict in this story. Or, at least, these ones are. The Sofs, or Sonfallians, are some of my favourite peoples to write about.

Mandie and Path

So she's run away from home...and into a talking log! JOke: There were two muffins in an oven. The first muffin turns to the second muffin and says 'Man, it's getting hot in here!' The second muffin looks horrified and screams 'aaaaahhh! a talking muffin!' - important to the plot....hehe. enjoy!!!

Question number six - school (a)

A piece of a series,it's about the horrors of kids at Voomount High.

Tria and Keiran

This story is about a girl named Tria and a boy named Keiran. They meet for the first time on the first day of Highschool. What they don't know as they build their fledgling friendship, however, is that they're both keeping secrets and those secrets could destroy their friendship and each other. Note for moderator: You won't see most of what gives this story it's catagories in the first chapter. It's build-up.

Tria and Keiran ch 2

The second Chapter!!!!! If you didn't read the first chapter, go back and read that first!!!!!! No, seriously! ANYWAYS, for those of you who read the first chapter, this chapter is all about Tria getting to classes and becoming a little more trusting. Oh, and there's a hint in this chapter about what makes it 'fantasy'. Can anyone guess what? Leave a comment that tells me what, if you can. If not, leave me a comment anyways. I live on comments (as a writer). Oh!!!!! And I got two pet turtles. You probably don't care, but I'm just giving you a heads-up that there might be turtles showing up in my writing to come. Maybe. Happy birthday to me (soon-ish). !!!!!!!!!

Extraho animus Aerie (dragon soul aerie)

Alexandria is a girl who doesn't fit in with her family and is sent to school because it doesn't look like anyone will marry her, because she isn't as pretty as her many step-sisters. There she becomes wise and steps out from beneath her sisters' shadows. On this journey she also saves her world and makes friends and enimies.

Water Mage

This story is about two kids who are raised without knowing who they are. They are raised to work magic, fight, and generally take care of themselves. This story explains how they run away from the one who 'shelters' them and find their place in the world. I will tell you specifically, though, that one is more willing than the other to do so. Be nice, it's my first attempt at first-person!