The 'New' Yukai

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NOTE Yes, I know I did a terrible job on this. But I doodled it during Lunch and a lot of people were stopping and ogling it as though it was God speaking to them... So. If you read my journal, you know about this for the most part. But now it has a funny little twist that I actually like. He has the same personality as Yukai and, somehow, he retains the memories of him. BUT, ICly, Yukai is dead. Zaki and Ryouken believe this, too (IC wise, not OOC and some-such) so they wouldn't believe that this guy is somehow... not related, but being so much a like to him. This, and he's a mutation of the Blood Kyn. Reason enough. I asked this girl, Lauryn whom I consider a friend now, actually, what she thought of it. She liked both designs, saying this one gave her the feel of 'Mountains. Just the metals on him, making him seem... distant, but with that kind heart that I know you hold inside. As for the (Tracking Colored) other, he reminds me of the Woods. As though he'd be kind, but would be quick to jump on you if you harmed his loved ones." Then I asked her which reminded of me. "Well, the one on the right (metal/new version) reminds me of how you were when I first came to class. Distant, cold, menacing. But the one of the left (tracking colored) is how you are after I got to know you well enough. Happy, humorous, insane. They both represent you--it just depends upon which side you're talking about." Thank you, Lauryn! Anyway. That is part of the reason why he is from the Mountains. His mother was also an Earth Kyn while his father was a Oriental/Chinese dragon that dwelled in Icelandic regions. ...Or on mountain sides if you prefer. So he got a bit of both, hence his living area. And yes, I forgot to draw his markings in on his tail. But they ARE the same as on the other pictures done of him. And yes, I know I made the spikes below his eyebrow but above his eye facing the wrong direction. Apologies for that, but if I try to fix it... Well, can we say smudge haven? Yukiai is (c) to me. The Blood Kyn concept/design is (c) to me. The Blood Kyn are (c) to myself, Koren Sagouro  and Devia Luna.

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