Zachariah Campbell

*UPDATE MAY 7th 2005* Added a couple of pics... GAMERA and my Transformer combiner SEAQUAKE. More to come soon I think.Well, welcome to my Fanquarter page... it's really a secondary page, so for more of my work and info on me, check out my Lothlorien Fantasy/Sci-fi page. It's kind of funny that even with all the cartoons I watched, books I read, and comics I collected, I never really got into drawing 'fan-art' of commercial properties like superheroes and anime characters. So far, what we have here is a bunch of Transforming Robot drawings. When I was a kid, I made up my own universe of Transformer-esque characters. Much later, after a huge nostalgia attack, I started redrawing some of those old characters. I soon got involved with a Transformers MUSH online, and recreated some of those characters as original Autobot and Decepticon characters... since technically that now makes them 'fan-art', I've moved them here from my ZONE gallery.I've also been toying with the idea of doing some 'real' fan-art too... maybe some Kaiju stuff, or characters from Blade of the Immortal. I've also recently gone gonzo over the giant robot anime series GAOGAIGAR, so I'm on a mecha kick. I dunno yet. For now, enjoy! :)