Zac Cantlon

Zac Cantlon has always been enamored by the macabre and the magical; that vast and mysterious fantasy world of vampires, goblins, faeries and elves. These beings have enchanted his imagination since childhood. They have drawn on his curiosity and seduced him into portaying their likeness through his unique and creative brand of art. Zac is compelled to form images of this hidden world as he sees it in his minds eye. Those who look upon his creations will not only be captivated and transfixed, but find themselves swallowed up in that same world. Be prepared veiwer, for you will be pulled in by the moody atmosphere, and bewitching semblence revealed in his wonderful renditions of that ever elusive faerie land. -Destiney Bisson I like My interests include: art, music (my band can be found here ), videogames and movies ( I just can't seem to stop purchasing them), and many many books. Favourite movies LOTR, Interview with the Vampire, sleepy hollow, TBNBC, heroes, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Willow, actually pretty much any fantasy... a bit of scifi here and there. Favourite books Brian Frouds books (I got to meet Mr. Froud, it was freakin' awesome, My profile picture has him in it!), Broms books, LOTR, the Hobbit, Iron tower trilogy, conan, a lot of fantasy art books and childrens books too. Favourite music Deftones, Coal Chamber, Korn, NIN, Mindless self indulgence, Incubus (mostly the older stuff), primer 55, 36 crazyfists, Dry kill logic, S.O.A.D., Danny Elfman, FIF,