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PANDORA NAAMAHThis Is Pandora NaamahWell This image supposed to have been completed for Pandora Naamah ([ On Haloween as a Haloween gift, But when I first started I had problems with my PC, and all files on it was deleted and only the folders remained after installing Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and uninstalling it because it does not work, then used windows drive cleaner to get rid of temp files, it deleted all files, only folders /directries existed, so i had to format and reload windows...etc etc blah blah not to mention the original background which looked similar to this one done in terregen, but this one turned out better...2 days was waisted fixing my PC so i had and another day was waisted , so i had to take haloween off and complete this image in 24 hours (well under), I started 8 am in the morning with it and ended 4 am this morning (11/1/2006) and with the help of playing dark metal and trance in my ears, it helped initiate the dark creativity in me since the artwork supposed to be dark,as it was a haloween gift, and she is a dark kinda person too... I tried a minor psychic link to her to try and browse her feelings and help decide me what to do.Well then 9 am this morning work up from a short sleep, went to go to the voluntary work to upload the artwork, guese what? Internet is offline!!! I tried to see what the problem was, and infact all the networks, cables and stuff was fine, it was the Internet service provider, and all I can do is wait , wait for them to fix the problem on there side... if it was on my side, i would have fixed the problem right away...just to upload Pandora her image...but nop Telcom(service provider) had to be offline... Telcom is full of shit! (ask any south african) so here i sit and wait and wait... if if... the internet does not come online today I have to go to the internet cafe and upload it and send her a note/letter to her myspace to retrieve her image... what I worry about that what if the whole town has no internet? since i say this reason is, because in south africa there is only one and only one telecomunication service provider call f***king Telcom(i swear at them, because they never listen)... who over charge people rob people, just for basic telecommunicationO.k anouph of the technical problems which came along with getting this to Pandora, I explain the ImageIf you have noticed Pandora she has a lovely unsual dark sci-fi/goth/fantasy style, well i thaught it was only her , but her freinds are likewise, but each have there own individual difference in the styles, but all are lovely , wild, and wacky and fun!! where i want to climb in and join in ((^_^)) well I am just too far to visit her and have a chat, meet her, and her freinds and show my admiration etc etc...So i decided to do some artwork for her, since its the least i can do for her under my misfortunate circumstancesSo i started with the background again, did the texturing, which i put on a shaped mophed V3 model to her dimensions then I dicided to put snippits of her myspace page on the computers in image... (since that all i know of her...on a web page) and i put one of her freinds myspace screen shot on the main its Pandora viewing her freinds online... kinda thing...Well dont ask me why i gave her a half-bionic arm... i just did it... and the quill pen , dunno i just did it and dont know why...maybe she is writing letters to freinds and such... but with computers in her dark sci-fi room... ?hmm..lolThe red eyes idea got from one of her photos...I did not want to replicate her clothes from photos to graphic, so i experimented and expanded my creativity a little... anyway i am, so tiered did not have much sleep... and its just exhaustng to wait for the Internet to come back to just give her this...but in the end she will get it, but I am very very upset that I could not get this to her on the day I stated it to be done for herI am such a failure in time management... thanks to my PC trying to commit suicide and Telcom...Pandora has full rights, including her close freinds/relations to use this image in whatever way they can...but i would apreciate it if you tell them who made the image...just to spread the word about me...

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