Vai Na La Petra

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Vai Na La Petra This is the artwrk the big one which i have been trying to finnish, some of you have seen the preview, I tried not to reveal to much. This pic is especialy made for: snapz for deviantart subscription Anglu Liisa Dana International and her fans (including my best freinds) & Offer Nissim (his remix gave me the titel for the image) Since its the remix version that gives the sound to the image. Laura and Jessica And those who have me in the deviantwatch, itching for this to be released. I was inspired to give the name from the Offer Nissim Remix, which has Dana's voice in it. This took me over two months to complete, it was an escape for me while waiting for laser. Most of the imagery seen here comes from dreams, daydreams while playing music. As it took over two months, got delayed by eskom, and my PC crashing, and had to "cut down" and render things separetely in 3 levels, background, middle ground and foreground. The file(s) took more than half of my hard drive, estimating 15 to 20 GBs or so with all the files. The errors i was getting was poser hanging... then some cases i got an error "out of memory" and then the most oddest case which happned 10 times is error - 50 , whatever that means i diont know. The planet and moons and space was done in Bryce. The interror of the ship with its plants and elves was done in poser 5 using the firefly renderer, i had to render it as well in poser 4 renderer for the dynanamic hair on some of the figures, and photoshoped over the poser 5 rendered stuff. The stages were then photoshoped together. The crystals were done in Assymetrix 3Dfx and then photoshoped and then textured to a simple plain prop as a texture., some of the plants were done this way as well.(most of them actualy to save on memory. In the poser 5 renderer all of the reflections were raytraced, including the wet-oily elf skins. I am sorry that this image is 4 days behind what i estimated, i am so so tiered now... and have to still work on a short port folio for a possible job with rip curl(designing T-shirt art and fashion). So what is the image about? well its quite complex and alot is going on in here... First of all the space environment, This is in the bridge of the elvin mothership, and they are heading for a very stormy planet, which they want to colonise, and they have named it Petra. Petra has 3 moons , just like the elvin home world, but the moons are different, but similar. But all three here are unhabited. The largest moon is composed of ice, and spins opposite to the planet's rotation. Thus keeping it cool, and has a breathable atmosphere, under the ice is ocean. The second moon is volcanic, has a thin sulphuric atmosphere, but atmosphere is thin due to its low gravity. Then an airless moon like Luna(Earth's moon), but 1/3 smaller. As the mothership descends slowly into the stormy, breatable Petra's atmosphere, they sing a song based on Dana's Petra. But some of the other elves are busy doing various things, like piloting the mothership and such. On the roof are crystals whuich generate light, the fairies like to fly and dance around the crystals. Thick leaved plants grow from the roof , these provide the air for the elves to breath. The crystal also recieves music from any instrumet or singing elf, intellgently and amplifies it, as well as change the colour of the lighting according to the feel of the music. It is also capable of projecting hologram images. The lighting near the floor is created from shards of these crystals whic grow naturaly. They grow around the elvin magic feelings given off by elves having sensual feelings and feed of these feelings. On the far left and right, there are strange tentacles. These are the tenticles of the flower elves. They look like squids, but they can detach from the tentacle body(if on planet and have space, (they can grow into giant flowers, where they remain inside deep in the flower with over a zillion tentacles), and regrow a new one. These elves terraform planets using telekenesis. They literaly grow into a huge plant which creates many different creatures which terraform the panet, however, they have it easy, and just grow homes for the elves, as this world has basic life already. They are very loving creatures, even if they look scary, and love to spend hours holding coupled elves in the tentacle arms, assisting there sensual moments, and also "mothering" them. These live under the bridge deck, cand come out through the cavaties of the biosphere. They also help with the ship's recycle system, acting like giant "eartworms"... There are only 2 on the ship. Then coming closer are the ship navigation and weapons controls.(they hardly ever use the weapons since they are a very peacefull race.) Then in the middle is the bridge control, or captain's chair, the elves take turns being captain. There are also younger elves here, the ones on the left are getting assitence in constructing a robotic fairy, which was already dispmanled before the parts were taken out of the box and put together. On the otherside, is a large droid, which two younglings and a borg are working on, the borg is assisting in the programming by plugging into the droid, and dowloading code, where the younglings learn, to use the bits of code to construct the droid's AI. As you can see the younglings do not take part in sensual moments, since they to young to feel it or understand it, and during this stage, they learn fast, and actualy alot of the ship's basic parts which the adults built on was invented by younglings. They learn fast, and when reaching maturity then develope magical powers, and become sensual beings and develope wisdome, love from there logic, knowledgable youths, and there learning process, slows down, as well as there matabolism, and they stop aging and live almost forever.. Its part of the elvin culture that they always close to each other, and love flows through them like magic, or it is magic? When the younglings grow up they see the love going on, but never understand it, but see it, younglings often tend to be selfish, stubborn, but when they mature the sensual feelings combined with deeper love as a foundation from what the seen and learned when were young, which becomes the "glue" of the elvin society, which makes every member of society "family", and they bond to each other intensly and and intimately, with many elves as possible. This is why there is no war within there world as everyone they love so deeply, like everyone is there partner, and would brek there hearts if they dissapear, infact all the elves that met with the dissapeared elf would moarn. Well one could argue that becuase of there attractive anatomy, this helped enable this part of the culture to form, since elves never are disfigured and out of shape, if one had to look at this logically, and the love is held by chemistry, which i dissagre, its deeper than that, its the inner peace, love that comes first, and then creates there emotions to do the chemistry part. There instruments are often multi-player instruments, played by two or three elves. They always play music,and singing which keeps a loving relaxed atmosphere. They do have single player instruments. The one far away is a 3 player harp, which 3 elves play. It is more complex than playing a harp, since alot of feeling is needed to play, and a specific feeling creates a psychic feeling which changes the sound effect of the string, thats struck. Then the one closer by is a trumpet 2 player harp, which also the elves connect to it, and works with the same process of the 3 player one. But this one differs when they slump there boddies together in motion, it creates a drum sound, but more of a electronidrum sound, like a rave/trance drum beat sound. The base is the trumpet attachments, which gives the base sound, with a particlar string, and creates also one of the most strangest sounds... The sound they playing from it sounds like an orchestra(with organ as main instrument, which is in a spacy sound) played through a wide echo chamber with heavy reverb with a buzzy base. Then one elf is playinga guitar. which is also wirelessly connected to the 2 player harp, the soft sounds is picked up by the cystal, and amplifies it, as the crystal is partly intelligent, after listening and amplifying the "song" it resamples and remixes live...sometimes a song can be played for hours, but changing emotion, tempo and pitch.. the guitar is also capable of playing metal, since that it was orginaly designed for... Here the elves that are involvedin the music are singing(even the younglings are mumbeling/humming along...  

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