FROM: California RESIDING IN: TexasCURRENT OCCUPATION: Is a mechanic in the U.S. Army now).HOBBIES: Likes to draw, study, learn, play video games, work out, run, birdwatch, hike, look at and listen to aircraft, practice karate, go flying when given the opportunity, photograph.....and now for the biggie: creating.Likes to create things: creatures, machines, characters, storylines, webpages. Also enjoys building models.ARTISTIC STYLE AND SUBJECTS: Drawing of different media, usually being pencil or pen, but sometimes including watercolor, or even rarely a sculpt. Topics are usually sci-fi, or fantasy-like scif-fi, rendered mainly as portraits or diagrams of creatures, characters or machines, but sometimes -but rarely- formatted as a scene with background an all.STORYLINES AND SAGAS: The "Jesse Pijen" saga - a long storyline I created when I was very young, and kept embracing for years. It is a storyline in a world with bird-man like creatures. It is mostly viewed from the point Jesse, a tenacious and adventurous youngster.The "AvTechs" saga - this is a very non-typical storyline that was started while in late grammmar school. It is about flying plane-like cyborgs, a melding of machine and bird/man-like creatures.The "Sozokai" saga- This saga is about several of a group of robot-planes, survivors in the aftermath of a devastaiting war, and shown mainly from the viewpoints of Reis Atokan and Alzzar "Sozokai" Sh'Rak. The "Bochansi" saga - is a space wars storyline that was created a few years ago,  that portrays the life and experiences of Bochansi, but it sometimes also veers off to events of other characters.  I like science, aviation, astronomy, nature, geography Favourite movies Sentou Yousei Yukikaze, Appleseed, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Star Trek Favourite books BattleTech & MechWarrior, Bolos, Forgotten Realms Favourite music Joe Satriani is the ultimate guitar shizzle, Juno Reactor, Subatomicglue, DJ Tiesto, Jeehun Hwang, Stefan Poiss, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Antonio Vivaldi