I am innocent...I swear

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Zania Marais

Well it was a happy 2:30am and I was just doodling, feeding my ravenous chibi addition. On that note DON'T DO CHIBIS, they are addictive and it's common knowledge that anything addictive is bad for your health. Either way, here I was, innocently doodling when suddenly, they attacked! And they won't tell me -anything- except that they are brother and sister, and that he is Zeke and she is Leitha. Leaving some disturbing questions unanswered such as: What did she do with the fairy? ...what is she going to do with the spoon? ...and why do they have no noses? They also had the cheek to insist I cancel my current ticket, make a new one and add them. Of all the...

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*wince* Please no-one flame me about my unoriginal sequel naming. I know it’s horrible.Also I know this probably isn’t quite as good as the first, but then sequels hardly ever are. Either way I enjoyed writing it, which is probably what matters.Please feel free to point out any spelling or grammar mistakes you notice (no doubt there’ll be a few of the latter) If they’re not corrected, I haven’t noticed them which means unless someone waves a burning neon flag in my face and puts big red arrows around said mistakes or alternatively commenting on them, they never will be.*looks at the above sentence* Grammar mistakes in the caption does not count.Hope you enjoy! I would really advise reading ‘A Grimm Little Tale’ first before trying to understand this one… on the other hand, even after that it will probably still not make sense.

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This is second part of Dragon's Pet not much to say. I know I'm jumping ahead quite a bit, but I'm trying to keep it from going saga on me. As usual there'll be grammar problems. Meh. I hope I at least avoided any spelling mistakes (those are inexcusable). Nitpick to your heart's content.

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Well I somehow managed it again, a short story that is. This is indirectly inspired by the story of the Piper. Directly it was inspired by a song, 'Whistler' by Demons and Wizards. Gorgeous song!I've read and reread it but I probably missed a number of errors. Also I know the grammar in a few parts are bit...shall we say 'interesting', but I couldn't think of another way to phrase it.

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