Zuya Zarei

Ahh, dualities....so fascinating. Especially when one glimpses the liminal state. That superimposed image of two extremes. I believe all of us have some kind of dual nature. My head is at once firmly rooted to the ground and soaring high in the clouds. Hard science and magical fantasy. Both provide fertile grounds for inspiration.Long ago, when I was a wee boy, I watched a plethora of cartoons (a tad too many perhaps). Growing up in Dubai meant that I saw many of them in Arabic. Five years after moving to Canada, my friends and I stumbled on a website that listed some of the cartoons that aired in the Gulf from the 1960's onwards. Imagine my surprise (for not having realised it earlier) at how much of it had been anime. Turns out I was tainted very early on...So today, I draw cartoons.I am now a member of the Comment Exchange on Elftown. This means that if you are kind enough to comment on my work, I will return the favour. One good turn deserves another, as the saying goes. Do not expect 'filler' comments, though. They do not do your work justice.Comment Exchange Comment Exchange MembersTo join Comment Exchange , one must first be a member of Elftown, it's easy to sign up and takes no time at all. Once you are that far explore the Wiki and the Comment Exchange is in the Tips section. If you have any troubles finding it, just contact me, or search for me in Elftown and message me, I will be glad to help.