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Zuya Zarei

The half-elf cursed the forces of nature for making this one night a blustery one. Cold winds were coming down from the mountains, biting into her right to the bone. She almost spun on her heels to make her way back to her room and retrieve her shawl. Almost. She chided herself for even thinking about it. She needed every advantage tonight and her bare shoulders would just have to bear it. She was used to discomfort. Much more discomfort… She quickly pushed aside the memories of her time with the Demon Lord. There were more pressing concerns tonight. The Three had come at last and she had to use every bit of her persuasive powers to convince them to undertake the task she was going to propose. A task she needed to be a part of. And all without her magic. One of the Three, a very old mage, was a shrewd one. The instant she cast any spell, he would know and any chance of persuading them would disappear. It lay upon her to show them that they had as much stake in her task as she did. The sounds of drunken singing and laughter grew louder as she approached the tavern the Three were reportedly at. Her heart beat slightly faster with anticipation. The half-elf delighted in it. She liked being on edge. It made her sharper and more alert. A quick glance through the dirty window confirmed they were there, past the bar, on a table a little away from the tavern crowds. She straightened her black dress and ran her fingers through her long, flowing hair. One deep breath later, she threw the tavern door open with flair and stood with one hand on her hip, seemingly surveying the scene. All activity stopped as everyone turned to look at her. She smiled. Her gaze settled on the Three and she purposefully made her way to them. All heads turned as she strode past. “How about a kiss, pretty lady?” said a big brute at the bar. She stopped and looked right into his eyes, still smiling. “Let me talk to those three over there and then we’ll see about that kiss, shall we?” she said with a wink. The big brute laughed a deep, rumbling laugh and waved her on. “I like you, pretty lady,” he said to her back and to general laughter all around. The half elf stood over the table where the Three were seated. She looked at each one of them, pausing a little longer on the old mage. “Hello, boys,” she said. “My name’s Venutia. And I have a job for you…”   Pastels and charcoal on 18" x 24" pastel paper    

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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