Patricia Archer

Greetings! This is the part where I try to express my being in writing...I'm an ecclectic individual with a wide variety of intrests and hobbies, drawing, reading, baking, visiting wtih friends ect. I learned how to draw by copying the masters, Walt Disney and Bruce Timm. (if you are not aware of their work, you have lived a trite and meaningless life devoid of any semblance of a proper childhood)Their work is classic genius, and I will argue that to the grave. As far as goals go, I want to travel the world, painting everything I find beautiful, fo course I'll have to learn how to paint first, and study about a dozen languages, read books upon books about the local history...I am persuing 'Art Education' in college at the moment, hoping it will hold my interest. I find passion in my art work, and enjoy designing costumes as well as weaving stories for my characters...its always suprising what comes out of my pencil!