Hayley Lazo

Name: If you don’t know by now, you need glasses.Age (as of 2007): To figure it out, you'll have to do some math (wa ha HA!) Take 3,000 and do the opposite I tell you: Squared, Divided by 5, Times 36, Plus 59, Divided by 8, Times 18, Plus .75, Minus 778.5. No more hints. Good luck!Likes: Dragons, animals, computers, Photoshop, creating games, writing, drawing, the color blue, inside jokes between me and my friends/family, online comics, Portal (video game), Ico/Shadow of the Colossus (video games), and anything that has to do w/ Legend of Zelda Dislikes: Country music, Rap, the color red (kind of), pigs, the color pink, classic books (AKA teachers’ favorite torture device), annoying typos, homework, inside jokes between other people, excessively negative people, and Sponge Bob (ARRRRGH!) Pets: Gandalf-cat (Himalayan), Storm –cat (maincoon), EY- chinchilla, Katie- sister My Art: I have an unhealthy addiction to dragons, so they pop up everywhere in my creations. Many of my drawings will be characters, creatures, or concepts from various stories, RPs, or my world, Kotan. Sometimes I throw an animation or two in there for fun. I cannot- I repeat can not draw backgrounds. If you see any you like, they were drawn by my evil- and obviously more skilled- twin. Me: Christian and proud of it!              I respect everyone’s opinion and don’t mind if you point things out, because I’d know then what to fix or continue doing. My style changes rapidly and I like to try new things, so let me know what you like or don’t like, it’d help me out. I’ll try to respond to as many comments as I can, but sometimes I overlook some… or just feel too darn lazy.So here's my stuff, new and old. N'joy!PS: Yes, I hide under a blanket while I draw and I hide behind a piece of cardboard when I type my stories. If that seems odd- you're not alone in thinking that; if that seems perfectly normal- rock on! I like Drawing(well...duh), writing, beating up my characters, video games with long and complicated storylines, etc. Favourite movies Serenity(movie), Firefly (TV series), Heroes (TV series), National Treasure (1&2), Crusoe (TV series), Chuck (TV series), Avatar (TV series) Favourite books Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn (series)- Tad Williams, Warriors (series)- Erin Hunter, Twilight Saga- Stephanie Meyer, the Mistborn Saga- Brandon Sanderson (omigoodness, those books ROCK) Favourite music Joy Williams, Barlowgirl, Rebecca St James, Nichole Nordeman, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish