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Hayley Lazo

Lo and behold! I have decided to grace thine eyes with some of my unfinished (and therefore crummy) sketches! It just rubs me all the wrong way, but I feel like I always overlook my sketches when I'm uploading things, but now and then I really like a few things about them. Each one of these has its charms and faults in my eyes (more faults...) but that shouldn't keep me from sharing them. The subject of these sketches is a Shadow Elf/Moon Elf named Glaide. > First of all, you'll need to know that in my world (Kotan) there is a group of three races collectively called Rune Elves. Sun and Moon Elves, as you can probably guess, are very much as different as fire and ice, and thusly have distinct racial prejudices. Shadow Elves, however, are disliked and mistrusted by most all sane beings, as their blood is the most poisonous substance on Kotan (easy to slip into someone's drink), and they have an affinity towards Ligagore (demons) because they worshiped them in the past. Now the thing that makes Glaide such a fun character for me is this: her unwilling mother was a Moon Elf (hence the white in her hair--though you can't see it in sepia), her father was a demon-possessed Shadow Elf, and she was raised by ever-flamboyant Sun Elves (yeah, messed-up kid). The story thesis as spoken by Glaide is: "How can you live in a world in which you belong nowhere, to no one, and are hated, hunted, and haunted at every turn? If you have the answer, enlighten me." The basis for this statement is mostly due to her ethnicity.  Firstly: She's pretty much a Shadow Elf, her only Moon Elven traits being her shock of white hair, her preference for cold, and her pale complexion; for this, she is hated by almost everyone she encounters. Secondly: Every Rune Elf is constantly in danger of being hunted by those who seek their blood and its drug-like, sense-enhancing effects, but Shadow Elves are sought after for the valuable poison in their veins, a venom that any assassin would give his right arm to obtain. Lastly, somewhere in the story (hey, it's in the works still...) Glaide is visited by her demonic father--the epitome of a Shadow Elf. He continues to haunt her, gleaning negaive energy from her confused and tormented mind. You can see in several of these sketches that she is interacting with a little Sun Elven kid (whose rune I forgot to draw! darn! oh well...). The kid is one of many orphans that a kindly Sun Elven family takes care of. Constantly on the move from settlement to settlement, picking up stray children (which are plentiful; Sun Elves reproduce rather...recklessly), they took Glaide in when no one else would, bringing her up to help them with the children. Her demeanor has come to reflect the happy, carefree Sun Elven spirit, making her further racially confused. Whew! There, that's the gist of it. (wow...this is the longest description I've ever written...let me know if that's a good or bad thing >didn't, won't be reading this anyway so HA! I spit on your strawberries! Ptooey!  Oh yah! Two more things! *collective groan from audience* That doohicky in the corner is the title of the story: SunDown. Also, I did almost all of these in mechanical pencil, though there's one computer sketch. Ok, go look at it now. *shoos away*

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