Special K

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Hayley Lazo

I just knew my fantasy character arsenal wasn't complete until I had myself a Psychic High-schooler. There was just something missing. Sure, it's cliché, but after meeting this character in a highly entertaining dream I had a few nights ago, I couldn't resist. And I have a whole new story arc to eventually follow when I have need of some "life fanfiction". I'm going to go into detail about the setting of her story later, but first off: This is Dakota Kellogan (also known as Kellogs and Special K to her friends), an Irish-American teen who's about a decade older than she looks, and has probably studied that same American History book for at least five years. All right! If you are allergic to rambling, turn back now or get out your inhaler!  In order to explain Dakota's interesting job, I need to mention what sets her and others apart from your everyday people. In this story, there is an essence that is unseen, undetectable, and unimportant to most people--called Vitality. It clings to people like a shell, keeping their physical body in check. Every so often, individuals find that they are able to sense Vitality--sometimes manipulate it--and also drain it from others. Those gifted individuals don't have an official collective name, but for mental stability purposes, I'll call them Nameless. There are, inevitably, Nameless who use this sixth sense to drain the Vitality of others in order to make themselves stronger. It's Dakota's job to weed them out, and as it happens, a lot of them pose as high school teachers! (^^' no I don't have anything against them, it was part of the dream). Dakota herself is a Nameless called a Psion, who's Vitality is infused with psychic energy. Woe! *glances up* That's a lot of writing…if you kept up with me, I shall give you…a cookie! And a hug! All info and craziness herein is © to me, as always! 

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