Hi! My name as you can see above is Rickard Hansen. I live in its beautiful country named Sweden. Why do I like to draw then?? Well, it must be because I was at young age trapped in the cartoon world and since then never been able to get out of there. But who like to get out of there *hehe*. My art maybe isn't so much, but I am working to get better and better.  I tend to prefer coloring art most of the time when i can since for me its easier to just start coloring from a pic that is already done and just need coloring. Fell free to write any comments. I love to teach that I don't know about. Well, that all I have to say to the moment. I hope that you will enjoy my art. *If you noticed, I have different styles on my art and that depends that I get better and better =)*. Well, that all i got to say for now. Enjoy! Updates: I have put up some new pics. You can see more of my art at my new site: http://zealrax.deviantart.com/Updates 2:  W00t today 2009-01-17 I am the "Highlighted Member of the day!‏" Its not very often you get that privlage to become one. So i hope you will enjoy the very little art I have here atm, But i would recommend those that look in here to check my Deviantart for the latest art :)//Rickard I like I kinda like being on my computer working on photoshop CS3 and listen to music to make the time go faster. Favourite music All-eater rly