My name is Lauren, or Loz, L-rok, Lor-Lor, Loz-head etc I love to draw, am going into animation this year, am 18 this year, am a fantasy nut, like to draw mermaids of real fish, am obsessed with Medusa (she was beautiful dangit!), love chocolate and many other assorted foods. I use pencils, sometimes touch things up with watercolours or Paint Shop Pro...that's all *Feb 2007* To everyone that has commented on my work...ever.....thankyou so much. I'm sorry that I've never replied back to any of you, it's only in an off-chance that i even checked my comments now. I thank you for looking at my art, but all my pictures here are severely outdated haha. I upload pics as soon as they are finished on http://zepheenia.deviantart.com so if you want to continue seeing my art, please feel free to browse it there.  Thankyou again, and sorry for not replying to anyone...... God Bless ----- Loz