Hi. I'm just here as a fourteen year old girl who is very interested in fantasy, art, and storytelling. One of my nicknames here is Swiftraven (Wyvern's Library), because if you switch around the letters of my name, that is what you come up with. Pretty nifty, huh? I'm also known to some as Dragonswrath, Dragonsfury, Mieren, Phalkyn, Nightspear, and some others. I don't have much time, as I am involved with activities like Science Olympiad, fencing, and countless others, but I now read or write fantasy stories or draw whenever I have extra time. And all of my pictures are done on white computer paper with a normal, mechanical pencil unless it is stated otherwise. My scanner also seems to mess things up quite a bit, causing espcially the shading to look very strange. Even considering this, however, I'm not nearly as good as many of the people here (I'm hoping to be a scientist, not artist), but I hope to improve through your comments. Thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff!