Primal Ascended

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Sarah Collins

This image comes with an epic background story, kind of a 'legend'.This is the legend of how the first Ascended Dragon came to be.There was a time when dragons lived alongside dinosaurs, they were wild and just as prehistoric as the saurians. Both sides were continually pitted against each other, predator against predator and prey against prey alike.On the windswept marshes of Quill's homeland he watched as the rest of his clan stalked off for the morning's hunt. Quill was left baby-sitting, four chicks of varying age and size were his wards.. Other predators had noticed the elder dragons had gone off and left this lone sub-adult with chicks. And as Quill unwarily watched the youngsters antics, a double ambush was being planned. The lone dragon realised almost too late as simultaneously a small Utah Raptor pack and a pair of Acrocanthosaurs diverged upon the group. Quill' strict growl stopped the chicks from panicking and he issued a threatening snarl to the other predators. They stopped thoughtfully as Quill backed the chicks away slowly, he spread his wings in an aggressive threat display and hissed. Then the raptors charged, the chicks scattered and one was immediately snatched up. Quill turned and ran after the remaining chicks, closely pursued by the other two raptors and the Acro pair. They stopped as they reached the forbidden edge of the marshes, the tar pits, and both Quill and the predators realised they were cornered. An Acro snapped it's huge head at Quill and sliced the dragon's foreleg. Quill howled. A raptor strode menacingly towards the chicks and they screeched in return. The small brown and red dragon was enraged, he would fight, submitting was for prey not dragons. He attacked, the raptor was rewarded with a stinging tear down it's muzzle by the claws of Quill's undamaged foreleg, then he whipped round and swung his head horns into the eye of an Acro. The Acro bellowed in pain. The predators were momentarily stunned, this young dragon had spirit. Quill became a spiky scaled ball of fury as he darted and attacked the predators. A lucky swipe of his tail brought down the already blinded female Acro, her femur and ribs making a sickening and audible crack as she hit the ground heavily. A raptor slashed out at Quill and tore his left flank. The next moments happened so fast that the unfortunate dragon didn't know what hit him. The two raptors and the male Acro pounced all together, toppling Quill and themselves over the edge and into the tar pit. In the confusion the dragon chicks miraculously escaped and ran. All four were still fighting, entangled and locked into mortal combat as the deadly tar rose up around their flailing limbs. Theirs cries of fury and anger were replaced by those of fear and desperation. Moments went by as they became quiet, suffocating by the tar and sunk below the surface and to their deaths. There was something in the tar that fuelled the changes to come, many animals had met their deaths in that place. The fear and bodies of creatures including Stegosaur, Gastonia, Dimporphodon, Oviraptor, Coelophysis and a multitude of hapless scavengers. Now this primal soup had claimed the two Utah Raptors, Acrocanthosaur and the brave dragon; their flesh, anger, hatred and fear blended into the mix. The dark and mysterious concoction consumed Quill, infusing with flesh and spirit alike.There were others watching this battle, the entities known as Tiamat and Apsu, the gods of creation. The Goddess of dragons and mother of monsters, Tiamat, took pity on Quill, she deemed his actions heroic. She took his battered body and meandering spirit and made it anew, changing them to something spectacular. Quill had become the first Ascended dragon, a vessel of Chaos, destined to keep the Balance and guardian of his once kin. Suspended in mid-air Quill opened his green eyes and blinked in the realisation of his new entity."I am more than dragon." He affirmed to himself. He could feel the magical energy surging through his body. He could fly, his wings were now a glorious purple. He felt more alive than he ever had. But he was still changing. Hate and fear dwelled deep in his soul, he had died with this powerful anger and it was breeding. Those unusual and unnatural properties in the tar were infecting him too. Fuelled by his new powers his anger and fury grew, his physical form altering further. His beautiful wings split and formed multiple branches, ugly red markings spread across their inner membrane and the tips became blackened and barbed. His long tail split into three and became viciously barbed. Dark and pointed whiskers grew from his head as stegosaur-like spikes spouted from his back and bright red markings appeared on his legs and face. His short smooth grey horns curved and joined into a heavy and jagged array. Then as the last of his claws became cruel and vicious, his beautiful chestnut brown eyes darkened into shiny black pools of malice."I am Quillianeko Ashkarr, devourer of souls!" He roared to the world.The once gentle Quill had become a creature of monstrous terror. He had become fear itself, upsetting the Balance. Dragons and Dinosaurs alike feared him as he endeavoured to become their god. He would set panic and anger amongst the innocent until they either set upon others or themselves in torment. Tiamat and Apsu grew concerned at his angry and destructive form, nothing with this much malice and loathing could keep the Balance. They were prepared to take action. But Quill yearned for more, he wanted more power and a queen. Loneliness breeds discontentment. He demanded that the Gods grant him a mate. They had no wish to be ordered around, they were furious."We can see that poisonous vehemence has infected you, a chaos dragon you cannot be. We see that the gift we gave you was in vain. So, Quillianeko Ashkarr we grant you only oblivion, may now your soul find peace." And with that the Goddess swallowed Quill whole. Then in a definite prophecy she said, "The Ascended will one day have a place in this world."A legend told by the Ascended dragons (Zha'krisstol, Kell'aikary, Kor'maiah & lord Tan'Ziousaq). "Primal Ascended" 25/03/2009 and Ascended Dragons and Quillianeko Ashkarr Copyright (c) Sarah Collins "Zha'Krisstol" All Rights Reserved.Do not copy or redistribute any part of this image or character(s) without prior consent from the artist. 

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