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A long time ago the Heavens, the Earth, and the Hells all coexisted in harmony. The power was at a complete balance and there was no lust for power. But when the Lord of the Archangels (the Phoenix) reached his first death and was reincarnated into the mortal world of Earth, the power was unbalanced. Thus, a war broke out amounst the three planes. The Seven Archangels were quick to try and prevent too much damage. They guided the newly born Phoenix back to a Heavenly death and the order came back. No, it wasn't as before though. The Hells and the mortals of Earth had a taste of power and wished to purse it. There was tension and many individuals found themselves fighting against each other. The Phoenix tried his best to fix this, but to no prevail. Of course, it was only to a degree where they could all exist together, but there was no longer Days of Tranquility, as they now call it. The years went by and this became the way of life. Haterd and Love became the mirror the world lived on. Then the day of the Phoenix's second death occured and again the common order broke loose. This time the already greedy mortals and demons struck out violently harsh. Their target was the mortal that the Phoenix's soul existed in. The archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Akrasiel, Sarakiel, Camael came down from Heaven and invaded earth and a battle was fought to protect the Phoenix's soul. During which they had asigned three angels to overlook Heaven while all power was away. Their names were Zadkiel (Master of Night), Saraquael (Mistress of Day), and Anael (Child of Tears). Soon the Phoenix reached his second Heavenly death, but at the cost of Akrasiel having to remain on Earth. She cried and waited so long that she turned to stone. When the times had cooled down and the intrusion of an Archangel on Earth wouldn't cause another war, Gabriel returned for the missing Archangel. From there, they all returned to Heaven. //Okay, that's the story behind this picture. It's also the background story to my new story 'Otaku Stop'. I can't wait till I finish it, but I don't want to rush it. (Yay!) If anyone wants to know, not long (you know about a few hundred years) the Phoenix will encounter his third death and his soul is again mixed into the mortal world. By now the times have changed again and technology is now the greatest power (because religion is slowly dying.) Hell is having trouble of its own and find this a great oportunity to torment the mortal Phoenix. The Archangels decide to take a different option this time. They themselves shall reincarnate their souls into mortals while the (now known) three guardian angels temporarily take over. Well, this round things don't go right. The Phoenix and Gabriel's souls don't have Heavenly deaths, but since the Phoenix is the Phoenix... he's able one chance of redemption... and one wish for Gabriel...... he could wish to change Gabriel's soul into any animal, but no matter what it'd be dead. So... being that he's only a teenager at this time (his past memories do not get returned until he reached Heaven) he wished Gabriel to be a vampire. So no, Gabriel shall never return to Heaven and the Phoenix (oh, did I mention their lovers now?) had to make a decision.............. and that's where I won't continue. (It's a secret.) :) Oh, my second pen and ink drawing... seven hours.

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