I've been drawing most of my life. It's what I love to do. I've studdied everything from Fine Arts, to 'Advertizing & Design', to Animation. I love art! I like making art, looking at art, and being arround other artists. People seem to really like the way I draw wings, and I am often asked How I drew them. So, I've made a thesus/Tutorial about my thoughts/opinions on how I draw wings: http://www.geocities.com/blackunigryphon/wing01.html PLEASE, DON'T E-MAIL ME!!!!!!!! Comments are preferable. Thanx. ^_^* **************************************************** I realize that alotho' my settings here only allow registered Elfwood Artits that fans of my work feel hurt by the fact they can't express themselves to me. I have very personal reasons for this. Sorry.So, if you'd like to leave a message for me you can freely write to me in my Forum: Qilin Savannah or my Guestbook. also have a small Forum Here. I like Metaphysics, New Age, Art, Spirituality, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Disney, Anime, Action films, Fourgeign Films/Music, Independant Films/Music Favourite movies Matric, LOTR, Harry Potter, Event Horizon, Legend, Labyrith, Avatar, Evangelion, Inuyasha, Macros Plus Favourite books "Black Unicorn" by Tainth Lee, "The Black Unicorn" by Terry Brooks, Harry Potter Favourite music Blümchen, Scooter, S.H.E., F.I.R., t.A.t.U., Billy Joel, A-Mei, Kelly Chen, Coco Lee, American Idol, Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, Enigma, Enya, Robert Miles, Teng Ge Er, Han Hong, Macros Pluss Soundtracks, Happy Hardcore Techno, Ballads with strong vocals, melloddic catchy songs, orchestra, World Music, and I also like to listn to metaphysics or Paranormal lectures