Hi! Well, first I have to exuse my self for any grammar- and orthographical mistakes within this bio or the descriptions of my pictures. English is not my first language and I never get a really good mark in school, so there will certainly some of them. Ok, what is to say about me? I am a 23 years old art-student vom Lemgo, a little town somewere in the noth-west of germany. Trusting my parents, drawing always was my favorit way to kill time, even at the age of one year. Sitting on my grandma's knees I mutated to little, raging monster because of the fact my picture of a fish did not look as good as the one my grandma did. In fact, drawing is the only activity I get ever ambitious in. Otherwise I am... well, call it lazy (that's wy I nerver get a good mark in english *g*). Other hobby are in first line my pets (my family shelters 2 dogs and 5 cats) my pc (yes, I really like those game with much of violence and didn't run amok anyway) and playing RPGs (mostly a german one called 'DSA', sometimes Shadowrun or others) Hmm... I think thats all about me you could be intressted in. Please go on and take a look of my drawings if you like.