Z N Singer

I like Reading, writing (obviously!), anime, animals/outdoors/nature Favourite movies The Dark Crystal, LoTR (I don't watch too many movies and do not own a television) Favourite books Seaward (Susan Cooper), Airborn, Skybreaker, probably ten more that I'm not remembering just yet.


The Someday Wars, Chapter Two: A Desperate Night

 Chapter Two of my book. I seem to have finally hit my stride, this one's better written and so is chapter three. As fantasy readers, you should let me know if my pace of exposition is good, I've re-invented many of the fantasy concepts I'm using.

Someday Wars, Chapter One: From a Clear Sky

 Chapter one of the first novel, following the prologue. Someday Wars is actually the name of the epic as a whole, the novel does not yet have a title. My un-official readers group is proving slow to respond, so feedback is extremely welcome, thanks.

Someday Wars: Prologue

 The Someday Wars is the current title of the fantasy series I am preparing to write. This is the prologue of book one - I'm not yet sure of the title. The first chapter is in the works - I wrote the first version some months ago only to realize that I had not yet filled in even half of the characters or setting: the results were very stereotyped and banal, not acceptable. I hope to finish said chapter in two weeks or so. But I often take longer, and editing time is very unpredictable. Till then...