Humanoid Races of Skuld

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Justin Waddell

These are the twelve 'humanoid' races that populate the world I have created, Skuld. Starting from top left and working our way down: The Dierel are hairless, have eyes with black beds and a small pupil of color. They have extra skin from their chin to their chest, called a tuck, which can vibrate, and after crouching and pulling their bodies together, they can become like statues of stone, nearly invulnerable. The Elves of Skuld are among the four first races. They live in kingdoms, magically hidden from the rest of the world, their entrances only known to a select few. The Altren, though this one may look it, are not hairless. They do not have eyebrows, but usually have hair, and the mature Altren sport beards. The are usually desert dwellers and sky worshippers, they live in tribes. There are some Altren which do not live in the desert, and instead choose a life among other races, or Altren communities, but they are not common. The Goblins are a pitiful people, usually made servants or slaves. The more intelligent of them form bands that pilage, using numbers rather than brute force. These bands are usually run by a higher breed of goblin, though the higher breeds are more intelligent and stronger. Higher breed goblinfolk usually choose to be warriors. The Troll is another of the first races, they are more intelligent than most think, but prefer to stay out of petty matters. They rarely speak, but prefer to listen, they live longer than any other race, excluding the elves, and understand that listening is learning. The Gnomes are quite skilled with magic, but they are not a pleasant people. Most tend to be on the side of chaos, rather than law. The Dwarves were one of the first four races on this version of Skuld. They are skilled in mining like dwarves of old, but are not confined to it. There are cities paved with gold, in which dwarves rule, some dwarves are royal in their nature. Halflings, or meadow-dwellers, blend in with whichever society they are exposed to, living among all races. They are not skilled fighters by trade, but are, regardless to their appearance and mellow in demeanor, a happy and lucky bunch of people, usually bards of the people. Volrins were an isolated people until recently, forgotten by the great war of the first age, they were confined to Lycenna, an island which they cultivated many years, and over two entire ages, became people of the land. They are most skilled at farming, and cultivating the soil, but they have not forgotten the art of combat by any means. The Wulmet appear as funny-looking, bland people, until they open up. They are at first shy, and once they are comfortable, they are insatiable talkers and fascinated by complex devices, and shiny things in general. They will eventually leave anyone wishing they'd stayed shy. The Erok are the last of the first four races. They have horns, which vary in size, shape, and positioning. Broken or chipped horns are extremely common. Though wise, they are a barbarious race, and fight for sport. An Erok's presence in a battle between men is a rare sight, but when it happens, they do not lose. Erok's are the most voracious, fierce fighters in Skuld, able to defeat nearly every creature on Skuld, but don't go picking fights. They are strong, and fierce, but would prefer peace, prefer fighting only for sport. Lastly, and for a good reason, are Humans. They were once a good race, but as they learned new skills, they nearly brought about the destruction of Skuld. The Gods of the lands, the Rai, banned Humans from using any sort of magic, after significantly lowering their numbers. Humans are very adaptive and live in most enviroments, sometimes developing abilities that are close to magic, which displeases the Rai, but they will not intervene again, banning their magic once was enough, and taking their birthright. No human child may be born without Rai consent. Only when a human lives a life of atonement, may they be granted a child, if the child rebels, the child and the parents are put to death by the Rai. Though they are not favored by the Rai, they are not hated either, only controlled. That is all, though I doubt many of you read this.

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