Our house is pretty well decorated: There’s art on the walls, the floors and even the ceiling! There’s everything from small keepsake size art to an eleven foot tall “rain-forest statement” painting. There’s also impromptu assemblage on the fencing outside and one of those carnival cutouts you stick your head through to get your photo taken!     Previously, I  directed a huge gallery, The Whitney Young Cultural Center Mansion, in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco for three years. During that time I collected some of the art from other artists, and I exhibit it all, as well as my own! I like Fantasy & comics! My cartoons have appeared in a number of underground and alternative comic books. A paperback collection of some of these is still for sell on Amazon.com. My self-published Bad Cat booklets were selling on LastGasp.com. My comic strip, “ZONO Comikz” has appeared in a few of the more interesting newspapers around the country and some websites!. Favourite movies Well. what comes to mind right now: Harryhausen, Miyazaki, Universal Horror, 50's Sci-Fi, 80's Fantasy, pre-70's westerns, Tim Burton. TV: Superman, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Star TrekS, old cartoons (and some new), Bruce Timm. Favourite books Tolkien, Burroughs, Bradbury, King, Lewis Carroll, L. Frank Baum, Poe, Escapepod, Clonepod, Zero Hour, X Minus 1, PodCastle, etc. Favourite music Old Jazz & Blues, Prog & Psychedelic, New Wave, Folk, Old Country & Americana, Classical and Ambient. Pretty eclectic!