zach Rath

Hello! Welcome to my regular art section... Have a look around! Incase you are new to my gallery, or you havent' seen my Fan-Art Section I will post a nice little bio for you to read so you can get to know me a little better than just saying "Zachary Rath hasn't written anything in his Bio" What Can I say? With out the Lord my God and Savior, I really don't have any talent. But thanks to a great gift, I've been able to draw some amazing pictures! Feel Free to comment, Fave, or critique any of my drawings!again, if you haven't been to my "Fan-Art" section allow me to direct you to it (there are some good pictures there) just click the "Fan Art" Tab If you like to read keep reading what I am typing here right now! Or you can go to my "Writings" Section by pressing the "Writings" tab!All of the pictures here are original and all from my imageination, hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed drawing them!  I like Warhammer!!!!! Favourite movies StarWars!!! Favourite books Warhammer!!!! Favourite music Offspring!!!