Haley Anderson

I am not sure what to put here but I guess a longer version of my short bio but hey o well it doesn't really matter. I am Haley,of course, and my life revoles around drawing, horses. I can't draw very good when i am not looking at an orginal photograph but when i am it looks just like the real thing. My horses though I don't look at anything I used to but not know and I am 13 years of age.WOW That was a long time ago:D Now I'm fifteen and think I kick butt on my art skills,lol sorry. Those pictures below are AWFUL. Just groudy. Bleh! Check out my new artwork on deviantart will ya:D and be sure to check back here for up dates:DHaha this makes me laugh, I'm not 18 and I'm struggling with my art, I feel I should have progressed a lot more than I have but It's always fun and I'm definitely searching for my art and who I am, I hope you like my stuff and that it encourages you to always draw or just makes your all fuzzy inside. X3 =3 =D Check out my deviantart account at spshlfx.deviantart.com I like Art, elves, horses, photography, animals, leopard geckos, anime, Avatar: the last airbender, Avatar, modeling, computers, and fashion. Favourite movies Stardust, Avatar: the last airbender, Avatar,Vampire Knight, Wolves Rain, Japan Bread, Final Fantasy, Black Butler, Atlantis, Pride and Prejudice, ANTM, Project Runway, Hetalia, Fruitsbasket, Shuffle, Inyuasha, All Ghiblii Studio Films by Haiyo M., and a lot of other animes and movies and shows I can't think of. Favourite books Well I don't read much unless it's like stuff everyone is reading because other wise I'm just not reminded all the time to read it. But I like Blue Roan Child, Tin Can Tucker, Eragon, Twilight, All 7 Harry Potter. Favourite music Epic scores, movie scores, video game music, Techno,Celtic music, orchastral, Trance and then pop music.