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Klimpen's Corner
By Klimpen

Klimpen at work. (Photo by Thomas Abrahamsson)

Dear Klimpen:

Recently I met someone online. We get along really well... so well, in fact that we're falling in love. But all my friends say online relationships are doomed. What should we do?

-- CassieNova

Dear CassieNova,

Online relationships have as much chance of failure as "real life" relationships. It depends on the people involved. You won't know unless you take the chance, right? For some encouragement, read this month's Your Story!


Dear Klimpen,

My boyfriend likes looking at other girls, talking to other girls, and a lot of his friends are girls. Although he insists that they're just friends, he seems to give them more attention than he gives me. Am I being overly jealous here?

--Attention-Seeking Soul

Dear Attention,


Dear Klimpen,

Why do you have so many galleries in Lothlorien and Zone 47? I thought a member is only allowed one in each.

--Five Eyes

Dear Five Eyes,

You are correct; members are only allowed to have one gallery each in Lothlorien and Zone 47. But when members leave, it is easier to fill the spot temporarily with me than to shift all the galleries over. Besides, who can get enough of me?

Dear Klimpen,

Guys are so difficult to choose gifts for; I never know what to get them. I mean flowers are rather sappy, chocolates or jewelry doesn't quite do it and I'm loathe to go out and buy socks again. What would you suggest getting my boyfriend for Valentines Day?

--Giftly Puzzled.

Dear Giftly,

What does he like? Myself, I'd like to get a new catnip toy or plant to chew on. How about a dinner made by you? Girls are always impressed by the dead mice I bring to them.

Klimpen knows everything. Go on, him. Remember to put "Dear Klimpen" in the Subject field or he will continue to doze in that warm patch of sunshine.