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Editor: Georgette Tan
Featuring Sylvia Leung

Of all the places in all the world, why did I have to meet my match on Elfwood?

Perhaps it's because we share the same interests in art. I met my fiancé Alex A. (Lothlorien Gallery 4) way back when Elfwood was called Lothlorien. When I had joined, I was in gallery 11 and the Elfwood chat mailing list was relatively small. We talked there and discussed all sorts of things that I have since long forgotten. I remembered that it was great fun, exchanging opinions on everything from techniques to movie reviews. Flame wars were rare and mail was relatively light.

We were both in high school and by the time I realized that we were good friends, #Lothlorien had begun. I hung out there after having grown out of AOL RPG rooms and became an op for the channel. I think I asked Alex to join us and he eventually became an op as well.

Unfortunately, our timing really sucked. I realized that I had a long-standing crush on Alex right after I got involved in a relationship that turned emotionally ugly. We lost contact after he went off to college and my own relationship cost me most of my friendships.

It's hard to say if I would have given up my existing relationship if Alex had revealed any interest in myself. We eventually re-established contact when he switched colleges and my daytime schedule lightened. My hopes for a relationship with him were dashed when during a conversation, he said that he would never be open to an Internet relationship. I stuck it out when he got involved with a girl in real life. We became extremely close friends instead and I was happy with that. At least he didn't know what I thought of him, right?

Eventually, I ended my relationship, and Alex's ended as well. We decided that I would fly from California to Washington D.C. for the Christmas of 1999, after years of discussing the possibility of a meeting. I had never been on the East Coast and he had room in his house for a friend or two to get together for the holidays. By this time, I had an iron grip on my emotions after my break up and thought some time with a close friend in a new place would work wonders.

Now, I don't believe in love at first sight, but seeing him for the first time was like getting hit on the head. I will be shallow and say that he was damn hot. Wow!

We hung out over the course of a week, walking around Washington D. C., taking in museums and restaurants. My feelings for him fell deeper and deeper and I didn't have a clue if he felt anything other than good friendship towards me. Three days before I was scheduled to fly back home, I confessed my feelings and my long-standing crush on him. To my surprise, he returned them! He just never told me because of my old relationship. You can imagine the other sloppy romantic mush that happened.

So here we are. Engaged with an unsettled date for a wedding after we both graduate. I can't really say when exactly we settled on that status. We've seen each other at least twice a year, flying between Washington and California. I even tried to attend an art school out there, but it fell through and I returned home. I supposed during one of our visits we just looked at each other and realized it could never be better than this. It's nothing as corny as finishing each other's sentences and opening doors for me, though we do that. It's more like being unable to picture a life without each other. He told me once that I tied him to his music. To me, he ties me with a joy for the future.

Right now, Alex is applying to the University of California: Los Angeles and I'm attending the Digital Media program at Otis Art College in Los Angeles. I have no doubt that no matter what, we'll be together.

Sylvia Leung is a 21 year-old first-gen Hong Kong immigrant in California. She currently studies at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and has an Associates Degree in Arts.