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Q&A with the ERB
By The Elfwood Review Board
Beginning this month, the Elfwood Review Board will be running a column answering your latest and most frequently asked questions.

I complained on my bio/lj/comments board why didn't the ERB answer me?

Contrary to popular belief the Elfwood Review Board are not omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent. Believe me it would really help us if we were. With all the work we have to do we simply don't have time to read all the mailing-lists, comment on Live Journals, and scour the galleries looking for complaints on comment boards and in bios. If you have anything you want to say to us please contact us directly.

How do I contact the Elfwood Review Board?

You could try sending us psychic messages or smoke signals, unfortunately those methods of communication tend to be about as effective as leaving comments on random message boards. If you want to get in touch with us English is the language to use, not all of us know Swedish, Elvish or Klingon nor do we always have access to translators.

That said if you want to get in touch with the ERB the easiest way is to send us an email to There's also a nice contact form that's linked to on every page that you can use to get in touch with us, reply to any emails we send to you and again the message should reach us and finally you can keep checking by our own form. However since we're not accepting reports at the moment the form is likely to be down.

What do I do if the ERB didn't reply to my mails?

Try sending the email again after waiting a reasonable length of time (that's around a week not five minutes incidentally). We get an awful lot of emails every day and being the fallible humans that we are some of them have a tendency to get overlooked. The best way to get an answer is to be clear and concise in your email, include any relevant links and let us know who you are (including your elfwood user ID.) Spell check the mail, put capital letters in appropriate places and punctuation in others and don't insult us. Strange as it may seem we really don't take well to being called nazi's or any of the other expletives people enjoy throwing at us.

Why are you removing role playing stories as fanfiction?

Because we're evil nazi scum and we get our kicks out of ruining your fun. You wouldn't believe how many people think that's true, it's not though. The truth of the matter a line needs to be drawn somewhere on the fan-fiction front. Wyverns library has never allowed fan-fiction. Since some of the roleplaying worlds published in books are every bit as indepth as any world you might see on TV. If you're writing a roleplaying fic the world you've created is not your own. It belongs to someone else. Now in most cases this won't be obvious but as soon as you start using trademarked terms (such as "Tremere" in reference to vampires or "Jedi" in reference to Star Wars) no matter if the characters are original, the setting does not belong to you. As such we're classifying it as fanfiction. The easy way around the World of Darkness problem is to simply rewrite your fics and remove all the White-Wolf terminology.

Why must my Elfquest pictures go in to Fan Quarter? The characters are my original creations.

Characters that are based on any visual medium are considered fanart. If they live in the same universe as an existing visual media such as comic books, movies, etc, they will be counted as fanart, no matter who their creator is.

When will Elfwood open a gallery for landscapes/anime/animal pictures/'mature images'?

Elfwood can and will only do so much. Elfwood is a private site, owned and run by a single man with a particular vision. That man is Thomas, that vision is fantasy. If you wish to put other material up on the web that does not fit in Elfwood then acquire a personal home page or join another gallery site. If you feel really brave you could always try setting up a site of your own to cater for that specific type of images.

The ERB can be reached at They are rumoured to have five heads, thirteen arms and twenty eyes. Their lair is said to be littered with murdered art and butchered stories. That respectable-looking dwarf you always see is nothing but a front. It's the truth, we swear.