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Recommended Reading
Editors: Kassandra Siegel & HD Leonard
March's theme is Rain, and we're not just talking spring showers here. The following stories and poems represent a broad spectrum of tales involving, or about, rain, from the mythological to the modern, and from the fantastic to the just plain weird.

If you want to help out with next month's recommendations, please, check at the bottom for more details.

'Emerald Green Rain Drops Falling on Yer Head' by Reagan 'Tenshi' Denius
Modern Fantasy
You think acid rain is bad? Listen to a farmer named Mr. Gumai explain to some nice men in black suits about an entirely new experience in things falling from the sky.

'Angel Mine'by Crystal D. Rodriguez
"Another story in the rain, this is about having that angel to protect you always."

'Dreams of Rain'by Heather Nicholson
In a desert land one man dreams of rain.

'Drenching Rain' by Kendra Schmid
A woman struggles through an unnatural storm.

'Just a Little Rain'by Natalia Kostylev
What would it be like to be the last person alive?

'Regnum Lamia' by Eric T. Lofgren
There's nothing like a rainy day to drive one to books, and who knows where books might lead one?

'The Rain' by Emma Walters
"The incessant beating of icy droplets, pounding away through my skull, my mind. Gods, how it maddens me!"

'The Rain God' by Samantha Leigh Knapp
What do gods do when their time, and worlds, have passed? A little poem about a former Rain God.

'Legends: Wings of the Storm' by Donna Maria Waltz
What would happen if you courted the storm?

'The Rain of Lives' by Joshua Jesse Mackenzie Grummett
A dark and bitter drink in the form of a poem, a city, and some rain.

'The Storm of War' by Jennifer A. Vega
Is a storm a mere meteorological event-- or the real-world result of another world's battle?

'Red Sky at Morning' by Julie K. Gele'
The deadly power of magical rain that can destroy empires.

'Rainbow' by Grace G. Cruz
An original tale of Greek mythology, telling the author's version of how the rainbow came to be.

'The Rain Queen' by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - fantasy
A tale of Africa, drought, and the mysterious Rain Queens.

Thank you to everyone who recommended stories this month, even those that didn't make the final cut. We thoroughly enjoyed reading them and we just wish we'd had room to include them all.

April's theme will be dragons -- the good, the bad, the traditional, and the unusual, we're looking for any tales involving this fantasy classic.

We do, however, have certain guidelines for recommending. Be sure what you recommend not only follows the rules of Elfwood, but that it has also been spell-checked, and the writer shows a basic understanding of grammar. We're looking for the best of the best, so spelling and grammar are important. That said, just fill out the form below, and answer all of the questions. If a field is left blank, we're just as likely to ignore your rec.

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