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Recommended Art
By Megan Larson
The theme for March is one of nature's most emotionally powerful concoctions: Rain. Rain provokes different feelings for many of us, from cowering in it to dancing in it; from thrilling in the thunder to hiding from the lightning. The portrayals of rain selected below also vary, showing the calm after a storm, early morning droplets, harsh poundings in the darkness, and illuminated thunder storms.

Zone 47

Rene Brandt Barr

Sebastian Mesa

Anna L. Stiffler

Kelly M. Bennett

Marie Raven

Raul J. da C.P. de Vicente

Crista E. Rowe

Donna McCoy

Liz Chesterman

Ariel B.E. Stewart

Janel B. Frost

David Davidson

Eve Archambault

Julie L. Zhuo

Cynthia L. Reep

Grace Muchmore

Deanne M. Horst

Nikore S. Dubois

David Forslund

Megan Larson is an American student who writes when she has spare time. Her interests include never finishing stories, photography, reading, and arguing with people who have a point.