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The eZine is no longer updated, nor does it have it's own domain left... This also means that it's no use to contact the WoodWorks editors, etc, etc...

Front Page
Monthly Musings
This month, Woodworks has been flooded. Not with emails or submissions (unfortunately), but with water, mermaids, and the occasional kraken. That's right: this month's theme is oceans, and to get you in the mood, try and picture all the staff in swimsuits. o.-

Also this month is the debut of our newest column, Beyond the Woods, a column that does just what it's name suggests -- takes us beyond Elfwood itself for a peek into the world that affects us. As an added bonus for this issue, sharp-eyed termite-fans might be able to find a hint of just how utterly silly the Woodworks staff is, and where we do a lot more of our work than we probably should. Enjoy the issue, and remember to stop by our new and constantly improving forums!

Kassandra Siegel,
Monthly Editor

Termite Movement
We'd like to welcome some new people who make their debut in this issue, and announce the movement of some existing staff. Michael Smith begins his duties as our new Recommended Reading Editor this month, taking over from HD Leonard, who is bowing out due to other Elfwood commitments. Dawn-Earth Maloney joins us as a Proofreader, and quirky reviewer Lisa Ann Andresen has ascended to to the post of Reviews Editor. Your souls are mine! Congratulations!

Georgette Tan,

Woodworks at AX2002!
Sylvia Leung and Erwin Limawan will be at Anime Expo 2002 doing a report on the event. We thought it'll be spiffy-cool if they can get together with other Elfwooders at the same time! Will you be there? Drop in at our AX2002 forum.

Monthly Poll
We hope you can swim ...

You might notice that each article from the Quarterly issues have its own thread and poll now. The writers would love your feedback. Go. Do a First Comment Dance while you still can.