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The eZine is no longer updated, nor does it have it's own domain left... This also means that it's no use to contact the WoodWorks editors, etc, etc...

Front Page
From The Editor & Thomas Says ...
I actually feel slightly guilty for introducing this month, since due to an illness I had far less to do with putting it together than usual. But the show--or the magazine--must go on. This month the Elfwood staff woke up and realized we have an Elfwood Household Name in our midst that we've been ignoring far too long, and promptly wheedled, begged, and otherwise lured Ellen Million into finally telling the world the story of how she got Ellen Million Graphics going for this month's "Your Story". We also have a super-nice new forum that has been donated to us, with no more popups--try it, you'll like it! And finally, we're looking for contributions for our reviews from outside sources now--but only book or book series reviews. If you're interested, , preferably with "Book Reviews" in the subject. Enjoy the issue!

Kassandra Siegel,
Monthly Editor

Woodworks at AX2002!
Sylvia Leung and Erwin Limawan will be at Anime Expo 2002 doing a report on the event. We thought it'll be spiffy-cool if they can get together with other Elfwooders at the same time! Will you be there? Drop in at our AX2002 forum.

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We're all about fairy tales this month. Has it ever influenced you? Tell us here.

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