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Klimpen's Corner
By Klimpen

Dear Klimpen,

I have a band member that my band wants to kick out, and he is a totally
nice guy. His skills as a musician lack though. They put it on me to kick him out, and I don't want him to get mad at me. What should I do so noble cat?

-- Musically Pained

Dear Pained,

Ah, I remember being in a music group. Unfortunately they didn't understand my creative and innovative ways of singing (caterwaling) and they kicked me out! I don't have any hard feelings though, because they were honest with me at least. That's what you need to do, just be up front about it. And if that doesn't work, well... you can always throw an old boot at him.

Dear Klimpen:

Klimpen is such a cool name. Dashing, strong, and it makes me want to pet you and set expensive bowls of cream down for your consumption. But I was wondering, how did you get your name? Does it mean anything? Are you single heir to the throne in Klimpentaina?

-- Devoted Servant

Dear Devoted Servant,

Why, thank you for noticing! I always think that my pet Thomas should be giving me more bowls of cream. As for my name, "klimpen" is a Swedish word that means "nugget" in English. Single heir? Well, you never know how many other little Klimpens might be running around...

Klimpen knows everything. Go on, him. Remember to put "Dear Klimpen" in the Subject field or he will continue to doze in that warm patch of sunshine.