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Recommended Reading
The list for May was not submitted.

July's (that's right - July) theme is 'Mythical Beasts'. We've done dragons ... now it's time for the other fantastic creatures out there to strut their stuff!

There is still time to send in stories for June (We're moving a little faster now, hence the skip in the month). June is all about Seas & Oceans. Pirate stories? Mermaids? Underwater adventures? Gimme.

We have certain guidelines for recommending. Be sure what you recommend not only follows the rules of Elfwood, but that it has also been spell-checked, and the writer shows a basic understanding of grammar. We're looking for the best of the best, so spelling and grammar are important. That said, just fill out the form below, and answer all of the questions. If a field is left blank, we're just as likely to ignore your rec.

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Send the email to , and please, put 'recommendations' or 'recs' somewhere in the subject. Questions can also be sent to that address, if you put 'recs question' or 'recs questions' somewhere in the subject line.