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Recommended Art
By Megan Larson
We all grew up listening to fairy tales, whether they were first introduced to us by sitting on our grandfather's knee or through a Disney movie. Fairy tales are something we always like to go back to; they remind us of our childhood, and when we all were in love with fantasy worlds. Well, those of us in Elfwood know we've never grown out of them, and here is a selection of art inspired by fairy tales, myths, folklore, and legends..

Fan Quarter

Cassandra Gunn
Zone 47

Susan Eikenburg

Albert Thomas Colon

Frank Wu

Alexey Lipatov

Aaron Jasinski

Anna Albano

Jason Martin

Ross Sullivan-Wiley

Pavel Pinjin

Robert O'Malley

Jasmine Ann Becket-Griffith

Jeanne-Marie Smith

Fredrik Zingmark

Charles Ermine Hall

Anders Nygaard

Andresia Madelein Garnier

Ursula Vernon

Laura Yan-Mei Law

Aimee Rahn Major

Charles Ermine Hall

Megan Larson is an American student who writes when she has spare time. Her interests include never finishing stories, photography, reading, and arguing with people who have a point.