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Thomas Says....

Hello everyone.

The ticket system was originally programmed by me during a few intensive days during last christmas vacation and has now been online for almost a year. I must say that I think it's been very successful, and that Elfwood would not have been able to continue to grow without it. We now have close to 95 brave moderators who spend a lot of time in processing tickets and making sure no one has to wait for very long before material is published on the web site.

In one year, we have processed 110,000 (yes, over one hundred thousand) tickets - An impressive figure.

My first big christmas and new year greeting therefore goes to the moderators.

The growth of Elfwood is always an issue. According to Mirar, we grow by about one gigabyte of data each month, and in the last year I think we have doubled our visitors from around 30000 daily to over 60000. For those of you familiar with web servers, I can mention that our Roxen webserver gets over 2 million hits every day.

During the fall I have built some drains to the system - the most obvious one is a function that disables user accounts with non functioning email addresses. We now have over 6000 accounts that are purged and will soon be deleted.

Drains aren't everything; I've also considered some ways of making sure users are alive and kicking. For example, by having them atleast logging in to their accounts once a year.

Thomas Abrahamsson,
Elfwood Founder

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