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Jeremy Leach

IRC Funnies
from #Wyverns_Library & #Lothlorien

From #Wyverns_library

S Tams> wow Kass
KassFireborn> ?
Tams> your train of thought
KassFireborn> it's more of a bus, really
* Tams dies of coughing
KassFireborn> an LA bus at that. poorly run, frequently off schedule, with unpredictable routes.
Tams> sounds like Kass alright
Raindance> o.o
KassFireborn> I feel the love.
Raindance> love hurts so I've been told
KassFireborn> certainly does around here, anyway. O.o

PseudoMuffin> o/' o/'
* PseudoMuffin is listening to some instrumental music.

* arcana comes back, with granola bars
* Melusina robs Casey at punpoint.
* arcana hands over a smores granola bar
Hermes> ...anything to avoid being punned down, eh? ;)
arcana> exactly

* MrCynical has joined #wyverns_library
* ChanServ sets mode: +o MrCynical
MrCynical> hey
* Vampire hugs the Cynner.
* MrCynical gives lucas a manly asspat?
Melusina> manly asspat. Now I've seen them all.

*** Batman has joined #wyverns_library
*** Batman has left #wyverns_library
Raindance> o.o
Zeke> who was that masked man?

* Rain[studying] eyes the Harry Potter book sitting on her desk...
* Bastet nudges Gette towards Rainy.
* Rain[studying] blinks and prepares to run o.o
* Melusina falls over laughing and doesn't chase the Rain
Rain[studying]> ^^;;
Bastet> XD
Melusina> should i? What's getting blamed for one more thing, huh?
Rain[studying]> it's all your fault Gette!
Rain[studying]> I dun even know what I'm blaming you for yet o.o;
Melusina> of course it is. do you roleplay?
Rain[studying]> not really
* Bastet snickers.
Melusina> awww
Rain[studying]> I probably could... but I'd probably be horrible at it
Bastet> It's a learning experience! ;)
Rain[studying]> what? my GED book hasn't corrupted me enough? I gotta learn more?

Melusina> a fortune cookie with no fortune is like chocolate ice cream with no chocolate
Stuffy> And sardine without fish.
Stuffy> Unless it's tofu sardine.
Hermes> tunafu?
Stuffy> No, that's marine-based Chinese martial arts. You've got that mixed up.
Hermes> oh, my bad
Hermes> sorry
Stuffy> No problem.

Stuffy> How dare you jump to conclusions as to whether I have eyes or not?

* Io awwws and gently pats Dave
KassFireborn> he's got pretty toenails
Grizz> and braided hair, apparently
* Grizz glares
Io> but your hair's too short to be braided...
Grizz> I know... I just didn't ask
* Grizz lies in blissful ignorance
Io> ah well... makes no difference to me :D
SisTabby> Dude, it's #WL. People change species whenever they feel like it. why is it such a stretch for you to have braidable hair fora bit?
Grizz> I said Blissful Ignorance
Io> Rasta-Grizz
KassFireborn> she has a point though
Io> gimme some of dat gunga mon.
SisTabby> More like Grizz of the Swiss Alps, really.
Grizz> both worry me, to be honest
Io> Lederhosen-Grizz... hrmm
* Grizz shudders
KassFireborn> The Grizzles are aliiiiiiiiiiiiive with the sound of muuuusic

Raindance> I spent all day in the back seat of a car... my mind is fried.
MJT> ..
Raindance> yesterday that is...
MJT> Oh my, Meg.
Raindance> too much sunlight...
Raindance> not that way!
MJT> Oh I'm sure you got too much "sunlight".

Dark`Machine> sexy
Tams> are you talking about -me-? O.O Or your computer?
Dark`Machine> you
Dark`Machine> my computer couldn't be sexy if i was drunk and it was wearing stilletos
Raindance> o.o

From #Lothlorien

Becca> You know, I was about to say that hermes haveth a perverted streak
Hermes> that's just a birthmark...

Raindance> puppy's are great... when I'm not the one that has to take care of them...

* Dark_Sock attempts to release gym odors as a defense mechanism

SicksSix6> hey, ive just got this cake (cos im hungry) and it says, on the bottom, 'do not turn upside down'

* ivyroses drools over Peytrov
Hermes> the gay elf?
Chess> gay elf?
Chess> YEEEE!
ivyroses> no *l* the gay elf is done
Valandar> ...
Valandar> Peytrov is a sci-fi bountyhunter.
Chess> and gay?
Hermes> lol
Hermes> Chess, you beat me to it.
Valandar> AND HE'S NOT GAY! grumblemumblemuttersplutter...
Chess> but.. maybe?
Chess> just a bit? ^-^
Valandar> NO!
Hermes> then he'd be bi
Chess> YAY!
SicksSix6> val's in denial...

OtakuRaver> I'm still trying to convince my dad to get a bowflex.. i wanna start working out
OtakuRaver> but i dun want to join a gym.. icky places
Vicious> Bowflexes are good XD
Hermes> muscular, sweaty bodies... yeah, I can so see the downside...
OtakuRaver> :p hermes
OtakuRaver> I dun like the smell.. geh
SicksSix6> val's elf would like it

* Hermes has some good news!!
Dark_Wolf> what herm? :)
Hermes> I'm not dead... the tornado didn't kill me.
Hermes> It touched down about 5 minutes away from me, though
Dark_Wolf> I came to the conclusion that you werent dead but I am glad ;)

* Hermes unleashes rabid penguin/panda hybrids in the room, then flitters up to Balconize® in safety
*** Joins: Wren-Stefani
* Wren-Stefani falls in.
Hermes> hey Wrenperson
Wren-Stefani> *thud*
Hermes> watch out for the rabid penguin/panda hybrids.
Solenna> hihi Wrenny!
Wren-Stefani> Awww cuuute!
Wren-Stefani> Those are my two favorite animals!
Hermes> I'm partial to penguins and elephants, myself... but pandas are still cool.
BlackRoseImmortal> dinner
*** BlackRoseImmortal is now known as BRI|dinner|
Hermes> noooo... pandas are a badbadbad meal
Wren-Stefani> Mmm I just had Chinese....^_^
Hermes> ARGH!!

* Raindance dances around happily
* Hermes trips over Rainy as she dances in his way
Dark_Wolf> hey, izza dancin rainy
Hermes> can you get a miniature one to put on the dashboard of a car?

* Raindance pauses a moment to ponder if she's still tied to the toga tree....o.O
Hermes> apparently knot
Hermes> HAHAH.... I kill me...
Raindance> bad pun... bad

* Dark_Wolf sneaks up behind anty, drool dripping from fangs, Aliens style.
Anty> ...
Anty> o.o
Anty> O.O
Anty> Aaieeeeeeee!
* Anty screams like a lil teenage britney fangirl!
* Dark_Wolf gets scared and runs away

Wildmage> "That ear of mine, it only got in the way. So I cut it off."
Wildmage> "Improves my aim."
Wildmage> "I made a necklace of it. I call it an Ear Ring. Get it? Hehheh."

Dark_Wolf> hey herm
Dark_Wolf> nice snail you got there ;)
* Hermes looks at his nick. o.o
Hermes> I'm all @ed
* Hermes breaks out his snail polish and starts buffing!

RamaStorm> The power has gone to Rainy's head Y_Y
Raindance> no it hasn't
Hermes> its just the elation of -having- power that's gone to her head...
silly. ;þ
RamaStorm> Oh, yeah, ofcourse

Valandar> ROFL: Windowss CE + Windows ME + Windows NT = CEMENT

Kazana> lighter, flame
Kazana> FIRE!!
Kazana> WHOO HOO!
* ivyroses quickly tosses a twinkie into the flames
Druid> ACK save the TWINKIE!!!!
* Kazana falls down and crys at the incredible loss of life as the twinkie burns away
Hermes> This is not HAPPENING!!!

* Red_Lion looks at Winamp and then at Blue_Lion
* Red_Lion lalalas
* Blue_Lion lalalas at Red_Lion
* Red_Lion just can't get Blue_Lion outta his head. Her lovin is all he thinks about
ivyroses> purple lion cubs
* Blue_Lion Minogues around the room
Grievy_Drawy> Oh, a #loth romance!
Red_Lion> LOL@ivy
Blue_Lion> no such plans ivy ;P
Red_Lion> save that one for the Funnies
Blue_Lion> it just wouldn't work

*** Raindance is now known as Tapdance
* Dark_Wolf glances at rainy o.o

Anty> Perverts, all of you. me on the other hand. I'm a lil saint. o:)
* Grieving laughes hard
* Raindance snorts at Anty
* Vicious cracks up laughing at Anty's comment.
* PlushDoll snickers

* Dark_Wolf glances in.. whats going on o.o

Vicious> Why're you so evil?
Leenae> because was on sale along with boobs and hips?
Vicious> ...
Dark_Wolf> oh cool can I get evilness too?
Vicious> you also gonna buy boobs and hips DW XD?

ivyroses> could always use vasiline
Raindance> o.o;;; ok.. my mind should not have gone there at the mention of vasiline... >.<
Hermes> ivy, I used Jergens
Keffy> ... O.O
Raindance> I've been so corrupted ;-;

drgnlvr> of course not, Hermes...I'm, innocent!

Hadrian_Wolf> Aristicracy means that the "best' people rule... and truely the best.
Hadrian_Wolf> right?

Red_Lion> I have to be "respectable" now...
* Neko gasps
Red_Lion> wait, no... I really don't, do I?
Blue_Lion> umhmmm
Neko> I didn't think it was possible, Hermes

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