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Monthly Musings

It happens on a regular basis, and involves much panicking, frantic work to meet deadlines, ignored schoolwork, late night planning sessions, and chocolate consumption. Surprisingly, I'm not talking about Woodwork's Quarterly issues but a phenomenon known as NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month. Despite the 'National' in the title, it's really an international project, consisting of a collection of writers--over 13,000 at this point--trying to write a 50,000 word in the space of a month. Too much work, writing, a tight deadline... yep, you might have guessed it: half the staff has signed up.

But while some of us are focusing our attention frantically on writing in the here and now, this month the bulk of Woodworks has turned it's attention to the future, in our science fiction issue. This means all Zone 47 Recommended Art, and all SF Recommended Reading, with other worlds, next millennium freakiness, and lots of technological goodies served up for your enjoyment. Why? Because next month will be an all-fantasy theme. See you then--assuming the staff survives NaNo!

Kassandra Siegel,
Monthly Editor

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