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Header art by
Danaye Weber

Recommended Art
by Megan Larson and Gretchen Sveda

When exploring Elfwood, one is not only presented with many different types of magical creature – many of them are also musical. This month’s theme is music and celebration, but not necessarily in that order.

Zone 47

Monique Renee MacNaughton

E. Kohler

Laura Elaine Noel

Sarah Digna Yudlowitz

Devon Cady-Lee

Molly Barr

Andy Willis

Wilma Jacobs

Karen Ann Hallion

Magnus Thor

Hannah S. Gardner

Britta van den Boom

Jennifer Anne Sabado

Jenny M. Heidewald

Jesse Young

Paula Schricker

Lisa Prassede Falzon

Ivy Chow

Nancy E. Henry

Lennart K. Thilander

Marjolein Gulinski

Cheryl Buie

Jane Trip

Cindy Dukino

Rochelle Green

Shabnam Shannon Keymaram

Jose Gildelamadrid

Sarah Emily Fagan

Becky Eleanor Tripp

Jessica M Williams

Nicole Tyson

Megan Larson is a crazy person who is mastering the art of roping people into things. Like Gretchen.
Gretchen Sveda is the proud possession of three cats, and when she isn't pandering to their every whim she can either be found swimming in the ocean or sitting hunched over her computer drawing pictures and exploring Elfwood. She works as a security analyst for an IT company in New Zealand, and is currently trying to break away from drawing scantily clad female faeries with no backgrounds.

She’ll let you know how that works out.

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