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This month's cover was done by:
Sigbjørn Kronenberger.

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From The Editor

We couldn't help ourselves on April Fool's Day, and needed to have a little fun. Special thanks goes out to Navah Rosensweig for being our willing participant. With this month's issue we decided to keep going in that direction and focus on humour.

Our staff came up with some limericks with an Elfwood touch, and of course Recommended Art and Reading highlight the funny finds in the 'Woods.

And finally, we welcome back Beyond the Woods.

Megan Larson,

Tip of the Month

Carry a small notebook and a pen with you to capture any stray story/art ideas you get during those unexpected moments. If you're one of those who never get an idea until you do not have any means to record it, keep repeating it to yourself until you find a pen.

Submitted by Georgette Tan

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