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 This web page is part of a hosted copy of the WoodWorks eZine at Elfwood.  (#850)
The eZine is no longer updated, nor does it have it's own domain left... This also means that it's no use to contact the WoodWorks editors, etc, etc...
Flash Fairy Tales
Edited by Brandie Minchew

This column combines two literary traditions, the fairy tale, which all of you should know about, and flash fiction. Flash fiction is an unusually short story form, usually at least under 1,000 words, and often under 500; this column runs at 800 words or less. Flash fiction can be a demanding format to work in, but its size makes it wonderfully useful for publishing. These flash stories will all be fairy tale or children story retellings, and would probably be best appreciated if you knew the original tales behind them--and not, mind you, the Disney version.

You can submit a story for consideration too, if you'd like--just look at the submissions guidelines below.

Cinderella's WebLog
by Megan Larson
15 Apr | 07:17 am

mood | cranky
music | singing birds

I am so sick of waiting hand and foot on my step-relatives. Just because my father died and I have no where else to go, they think that I owe them. At least I get a bit of rest while they eat, before I have to do whatever else they ask of me. Grrr. You'd think by now Dru and Sissy would know how to do laundry on their own, but noooo... They really are as stupid as they look. One of these days I'll show them. I'll spit in their soup or something. GTG. Step-mom calling.

15 Apr | 14:30 pm

mood | flustered
music | twittering birds

OMG! I have been busy all morning making new dresses for Dru and Sissy. Guess why! The prince's footman (a pimply young kid) came by with an invitation to the Spring Ball. This is going to be the event of the century! At least that's what SM says. I guess there is something wrong with the prince that he can't just go out and find a wife, he needs to have all the women in the county come to him and compete or something! It's a little shallow, but I don't care. I need a ticket out of this dump. SM says that I can't go because I'm always dirty and have nothing to wear, but I'll figure something out. I've been making their clothes forever, so I should be able to whip up something for myself. I only have two days!

16 Apr | 01:37 am

mood | exhausted

I've been up all night fixing up the dresses for Sissy and Dru. They keep complaning about them, saying that they don't have enough frills or sparkles or whatever. They probably don't realize how ugly they are. It doesn't help that it's impossible to make dresses for people who insist on having them tighter than they can wear. SM finally made them leave me alone - she hates me but I think she knows how stupid her daughters are. All they do is talk about dresses and dances and who is marrying whom. Who cares?! Need to work on my own dress before I get some sleep. Must be up by 6:30 to make breakfast for the snobby brats.

16 Apr | 20:03 pm

mood | tired
music | dru's singing

Dresses all done. I get the rest of the night off because tomorrow I have to do everyone's hair before the ball. I know that will take forever since they are so fussy. Dru is singing because she thinks the prince might ask. Hah. I don't think anyone would ask to have their ears ruined. I'm going to finish my own dress and then sleep.

17 Apr | 17:14 pm

mood | irate
music | those damn birds!

ARGH! I know SM is mean but this is crazy! They had SAID if I was presentable I could go with them to the ball, and then when we were all ready, Dru and Sissy ripped my dress and they left without me! I can't help it if I looked better than them! Now my dress is ruined and I don't know what to do. Stupid life. I hate this place.

17 Apr | 18:47 pm

mood | surprised

I have a fairy godmother. Who knew? You wouldn't believe what she did. This dress came from nowhere, and then she made a carriage from a pumpkin, and some footmen from frogs, and horses from mice! And then she gave me these glass slippers... very uncomfortable but beauty is pain, yanno? FG says I only have until midnight though, and then everything turns back how it was. What a bummer! All the good parties don't even get started until after 1 am. I suppose I have to take what I get. Wish me luck!

18 Apr | 00:34

mood | worried
music | dance music still ringing in my ears

I had the most wonderful time at the ball! You should have seen the looks on Dru and Sissy's faces when they saw me - they didn't even recognize me! The prince seemed to like me too, since he wanted to dance all night. He isn't bad to look at, but kind of a bore. I can live with that if he wants to marry me. I had to run pretty quickly when it was midnight though. Princey wouldn't let go, and when I finally got free of him I lost my shoe on the step! I think Princey grabbed it up, but here's the problem - he doesn't know who I am. I hope I can get that shoe back!
Better go to bed before SM, Dru, and Sissy return...

18 Apr | 09:19 am

mood | disgusted
music | still the birds

They won't stop talking about the ball and the "mysterious girl" who was there. How blind can you be? I mean, all I did was put my hair up, and have a clean dress on, and they don't recognize me? Sheesh.

edit :: The pimply footman just came around with my shoe! He's making all the women try it on, because apparently the prince wants to marry the owner. SM locked me in my room but I can still hear them talking. Dru and Sissy both have bigger feet than I do, so it won't - EW! I just heard Sissy was going to cut off her toes! GROSS!

18 Apr | 09:24 am

mood | determined

That's it. I have got to get out of this room! Apparently Dru cut off her heel trying to fit into the shoe as well... they are getting blood all over my beautiful shoe! Even if it did work, why would the prince want someone who does that?! It's just disgusting, not to mention very un-lady-like.
I'm crawling out the window.

24 Apr | 11:36 am

mood | happy
music | orchestra

Whew. Finally get a chance to post. Turns out Princey was with the pimple-faced guy. He totally recognized me even though I looked horrible from cleaning, but I put the shoe on and then brought out the other, and the rest is history, as they say. We left Dru and Sissy bleeding all over the carpet and got married right away. He's not too much fun so far, but at least I don't have to clean or sew his clothes! And I just LOVE it when SM comes to grovel and beg for invitations for parties. I might make Princey kick them out of the county.
Princey loves me to bits. Maybe we'll even have children! I'll let you know :)

Brandie Minchew is a starry-eyed believer in fairy tales, world peace, and justice for all.

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