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Header art by
Kelly Wright

Recommended Art
by Sarah Trumpp and Kasey Hanson

The phrase "Arabian Nights" triggers my imagination and conjures images of sand dunes, magic lamps and carpets, action, adventure, and scorpion stings. Some artists of Elfwood have made this theme their own, and I have the pleasure of presenting them to you. Enjoy, and use those three wishes wisely!


Sverre Aagaard

Lynette Watters

Coen de Moor

Heather E. Caulberg

Jessica Jean Tschampa

Sandra Leigh Wagner

Yvonne Schram

Natalie Alina Jaworski

Peter Town

Lihi Moravia

Regan M. Johnson

Ursula Vernon

Curtis Craddock

Matt Henegar
Zone 47

Jackie D. Ozorio

Rachael Mayo

Linnéa 'Mirre' Holmström Ljung

Russ Huiskamp

Michael John Morris

Casey Collett-Paule

William J. Murray

Tiziano Baracchi

Pilvi 'Korone' Kuusela

David M. Rabbitte

Amanda O'Dell

I. C. Kessler

Tracy Ann Pierce

Wictoria Nordgård

Amanda 'applejuice' Jants

Emperial Teal Young

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