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 This web page is part of a hosted copy of the WoodWorks eZine at Elfwood.  (#690)
The eZine is no longer updated, nor does it have it's own domain left... This also means that it's no use to contact the WoodWorks editors, etc, etc...
IRC Funnies
from #Wyverns_Library & #Lothlorien

From #Wyverns_library

* KassFireborn debates changing the topic to "The seven deadly Cynners: Bitter, bitter, bitter with lemon, bitter with salt, bitter, bitter, fruity."
KassFireborn> Except that doesn't quite track
Solenna> O.o
KassFireborn> What would the seven deadly Cyns be?
Solenna> hmmm...
Solenna> bitter, angry, umm... something to do with porn...
KassFireborn> Bitterness, Grumpiness, Anger, Pornography....
Solenna> Violence
Solenna> Blasphemy?
KassFireborn> And Hugs.
Solenna> XD

Ciri-hockey> Spam: Start an affair in 3 easy steps
KassFireborn> "Pick a guy. Have sex. Don't tell anyone."
Raindance> >.>
Raindance> <.<
Ciri-hockey> lol

MTKnight> Anyway, I think I'm going to go to bed before I give in and start coding prematurely.
Canthlian> Interesting choice of words.
MTKnight> Yes?
Jack_Bauer> Indeed.
Canthlian> Using words like 'prematurely' in here is generally not a good idea.
Jack_Bauer> Yeah.
MTKnight> Damned gutter-minds. :)
Solenna> yu-huh!
Jack_Bauer> Yeah, with Ms.Pervy McPerv over there
* Solenna is now known as MsPervyMcPerv

* Now talking in #Wyverns_Library
* Topic is 'Chat for members of the Wyverns_Library ][ | Fun stuff! ][ Woodworks: April /woodworks/ ] Munchkins have requisitioned this space. (Vertically challenged, Kass.)'
* Set by Moon_Fox on Sat May 10 01:19:08
MrCynical> hey kass
KassFireborn> I never said they were kimkins!
rosaleendhu> why not?
KassFireborn> well, mostly because kim would kill me
KassFireborn> Kim is small but deadly.
KassFireborn> Mostly deadly to herself, mind you, but it has to overspill eventually.

Melusina> Jeff you swine. I already got geeky with you yesterday. Hands off my tush.
* Julsey snerks.
* MTKnight winks at Gette and shows her his huge, rigidly configured taskbar.
Julsey> o.o
Melusina> That thing looks too big for my desktop...
* Julsey facepalms.
MTKnight> Drat. I guess I need to find someone with a higher resolution.
* Julsey sets down her glass of water.
Julsey> Are you two quite finished yet? Or are you going to go at it again?
Melusina> I'll be quiet now.
Julsey> :P
Julsey> :D
Melusina> but that's probably because I'm editing that for wlquotes
Julsey> XD
* MTKnight rolls his eyes.
Julsey> You started it..
MTKnight> I did not! Gette's always the one making textual advances at me.
Melusina> put down that water juls
* Julsey laughs. "And I'd just picked it up again, too!" XD

** Zanthlian suddenly grins a grin so terribly evil that all light waves/particles in the chat are sucked up into it
Zanthlian> I'm about to destroy another memory.
Zanthlian> Ladies and gentleman...
Zanthlian> Casper slash exists!
Solenna> ....
** Zanthlian cackles evilly to a background of flashing lightning
Keffy> o.o
Zanthlian> AAARGH!
Solenna> ?
Zanthlian> Less then a minute from killing his dungeon heart, and the %@#^ING GAME CRASHES!
Zanthlian> There are no words to describe the level of my rage right now.
Keffy> HAHA XD
Dawn-Earth> that's what you call -karma- ;)
Zanthlian> I think evil is contagous.
Zanthlian> So destroy Casper and Narnia, get a crashed game?
Zanthlian> Fair trade, I guess.
Dawn-Earth> *L*

* Melusina looks at her to-do list
Canthlian> You can actually look at it?
Canthlian> I thought it just blotted out the sun.
SisTabby> Looking at it involves chartering a small plane and soaring up high enough that she can see where she's imprinted it on several unused cornfields.
Canthlian> *Snicker*
Canthlian> So Gette's an alien?
Canthlian> Explains a lot.
Melusina> XD
SisTabby> These "projects" are all part of her training to become an alien overlord.
SisTabby> If she can handle all this, taking over entire galaxies will be a snap.
Canthlian> At least it's giving her good delegation skills.
Melusina> No need to take me to your leader. I can find him myself.

Moon_Fox> I have made yet another new interesting typo for airport
Moon_Fox> airpoet
* Julsey snickers.
Melusina> a poet who is full of hot air.
SisTabby> Or a very creative skywriter.
Melusina> or someone who can only compose when in a plane?
Julsey> or skydiving? Hey..wouldn't that be fun..composing while falling through the air..
Melusina> talk about poetry slam
Julsey> XD

KassFireborn> I'm gonna go soak in hot liquids until I prune
Anthlian> Is this hot liquid yoghurt by any chance?
KassFireborn> um. no.
* KassFireborn has quit IRC (Quit: Canth is nuts. But we all knew this, right?)

* KassFireborn eyes gette
* Io buys Gette
* Canthlian illegally copies Gette
* KassFireborn fries gette
Melusina> O.o
KassFireborn> Shrimp fried Gette! Get your Shrimp Fried Gette!
Melusina> I'm not a shrimp
KassFireborn> well, no. I wouldn't have had to fry you with any if you were.
Canthlian> Is this like 'I am not a crook'?
KassFireborn> You'd just have been Fried Gette.
Io> Crunchy!
Io> And with only 1 calorie!

Solenna> why do I keep getting Russian bride spam?
Solenna> and why did a girl I know over MSN just tell me a demon is after her? O.o;
Hermes> because people are "attention whores"?
Solenna> could me.
Solenna> er.. be
Hermes> heheheheh
Hermes> ...don't worry... your secret is safe with me. ;)

*** Canthlian has joined channel #wyverns_library
MTKnight> Hey again, Neil.
Canthlian> Hello again, Jeff.
MTKnight> Still have your "problem"?
Canthlian> Uh-huh.
Canthlian> Every 20 minutes, like clockwork.
Canthlian> It's embarrassing.
* MTKnight pats.

Canthlian> And the conversation dies yet again.
Canthlian> I have a gift. -_-
SisTabby> Death is your gift.
Canthlian> How nice.
* Canthlian spreads death at a nice even natural rate

From #Lothlorien

Apollo> I'd like to make a channel called #The_Red_Sea sometime. Just so I can type "/part #The_Red_Sea"

Manji> Thongy?
Ryoshi> ROFL XD

Pennyroyal> XD Thughuggle: "Yo dogg, wassup *hug*

Sols> we're all odd. dun worry too much
* RivoClavis baps Penny Furiously with a sturgeon

RivoClavis> Hermes, How can i leave my kid to someone like you?
Ganymedes> oh please... I have -plenty- of experience as a father...
RivoClavis> Bah! You greeks are all bone and run!

* Tyto_Alba sneaks under a floorboard
* Hermes dives to the floor, prying up the planks
Hermes> get BACK HERE!!
RivoClavis> Hermes, can't you do some god trick to get her back?
* Tyto_Alba bites Hermes's hand and hides far far underneath.
* Hermes hooks Penny's beak as she bites and hauls her out
Hermes> no need, Rivo

* Tyto_Alba bloodlusts Foamy and watches him explode through the satchel with enough force to make the Hulk jealous.
Tyto_Alba> Foamy SMASH!

* Joins: Rainy
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Rainy
* Raindance was kicked by Rainy (die)
Ganymedes> o.
* Rainy is now known as Raindance
Ganymedes> you're mean to your other yous...
* Raindance cutes
heaventemplar> multiple personalities?
Raindance> aye
heaventemplar> so, how are all of you, rainy?
Ganymedes> no, multiple bodies.
Ganymedes> all one Rainy
Raindance> all of us Rainys are fine :D

Raindance> son of a biscuit!
Master> o.O?
Raindance> :D
Raindance> I just felt like sayin that ^^;

drgnlvr> it's okay, rainy...we'll let you be innocent on two nights this week
Raindance> ....
Raindance> oh great.... I have to be innocent twice this week?
Ryoshi> XD
Raindance> I'm so gonna blow it...
drgnlvr> damn! I thought you -wanted- to be innocent more
heaventemplar> innocent is nice, rainy :)
drgnlvr> never mind then XD

* Tyto_Alba snergles Rivo and crawls into his pocket to sigh.
Ryoshi> o.O
Tyto_Alba> *le sigh*
* Ryoshi clings to drgn
* Raindance gives Penny another BW plushie
drgnlvr> penny! I'm wounded! you leave my pocket for another?!
drgnlvr> Woe, woe, andgst, angst!
* Tyto_Alba hauls the plushie up to the rafters and curls up on it.
Tyto_Alba> Well I was dangling and sighing and rolling around and you were ignoring it! XD

* drgnlvr drags rainy's hat over, and lurves on rainy and penny
Tyto_Alba> *bzz bzzz?* XD
Tyto_Alba> Ooo, that tickles drgn! XD
* Raindance has been lurved on o.o
Tyto_Alba> It makes me feel sorta tingly inside.
drgnlvr> ^^
Raindance> really drgn... couldn't you have contained yourself... honestly... look at this mess ;)
Tyto_Alba> XD
drgnlvr> nope...can't contain myself

VestalVirgin3> how long does the evaluation last? damn I can't spelll.... XD
VestalVirgin2> You spelled everything except spelll right...

* GnuTotingElf wants a bucket of icewater! :(
RivoClavis> Sugar, give Gnu water
* Sugar grabs a bottle of Gnu water, pours it into a glass, which she hands RivoClavis.
RivoClavis> O.o
Raindance> o.o
Raindance> XD
RivoClavis> LOL
Blind_Wolf> XD

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